Blind With Love blurb:

Blind With Love, Release date: June 27, 2011, Liquid Silver Books

Kristen Nickels has a full plate. She has reluctantly agreed to a blind date with her best friend’s brother, who is literally blind! The timing couldn’t be worse, however. She is leaving town in just days to face a difficult medical decision. A secret she has shared with no one but her boss.

Chase Edwards has been blind since the age of eight. He is currently waiting on a cornea transplant. He has wanted his sister to set him up with her friend Kristen for quite some time, and he is far from disappointed.

The two experience instant chemistry and spend a glorious evening together. In a whirlwind twist of fate, Chase gets the long awaited call in the middle of the night that corneas are available and Kristen rushes him to the hospital only to disappear without a trace during his surgery.

Baffled by her departure, Margo instigates a search for Kristen while Chase recovers from his transplant. But will her detective skills prove to be enough? The unexpected ending will twist the heart strings.


  1. Love the cover and the story sounds great. Got a release date yet?

  2. I’m commenting on your blog post but I’ve got it set up to send me via email any follow up comments. *grin*
    So yes, I am sitting here reading it while you update it. LOL

    • Well, aren’t you just the bomb and so up to date and so far ahead of me! I’m playing around with it as I learn, so it should keep changing every few minutes! How do you like it now?

      • Looks good.
        And I’m no where near ahead of you. I’ve got two years of stuffing everything up to get this far behind me. lol Believe me I was worse than you to begin with. Barely knew how to send an email when I first started.

  3. says:

    I really enjoyed your first novella! Keep up the good work! :-)

  4. Loved it—- just posting my review on

  5. Becca, thank you for my kindlegraph. I loved your book.