I started a new series: The Durham Brothers. Watch for wolves, their mates, and even a vampire. Who knows what else might creep in.

I also discovered something about myself this week. I am officially a bona fide pantser.

I tried. Lord knows I tried. Had this great “plan” that I was going to plot out my next story and try something new. Got myself some colored Post-Its, filled them all out with different colors for the characters, the plot, the villain, etc. And then sat down with a smile on my face and typed—for about two pages. That’s when all the Post-Its went flying around the room, the characters in the story flipped me the bird, and then they went skipping down the path in the opposite direction. What was I supposed to do? So, I followed them. :-)

It was a neat idea and all, but let’s face it, I fly by the seat of my pants. Love writing a story. Hate eating, sleeping, carpooling, or cleaning while I write—because I want to know what’s going to happen next! That’ll teach me to try to control the story.

So, although I barely just learned the word “pantser”, apparently I am one and I might as well wear it with pride. :-)


  1. GeorgiaWoods says:

    Hehehehe Funny. I guess some of us are meant to untangle the twisted plot lines and some of us need that regimentation. All I can say is I’m anxious to read it when you finish!

    Big hugs!