Tuesday’s Tease

I decided I need something fun happening here, so I think I’ll start a Tuesday blog titled Tuesday’s Tease in which I paste a few lines from whatever I’m working on that day. :) Today I’m working on book two of the D/s contracted with Samhain Publishing for next year. Warning: this three-part series is m/m/f and very raw and sexual. I hope everyone loves it! The series is called Emergence. This selection is from book two: Bound to be Taught.

Oh, and there are no wolves… lol

So, here’s a snippet from today’s writing:

She carefully stuffed the spheres inside her, trying not to touch herself more than necessary. If she could do it with one hand for as long as possible, she would, in order to avoid contact with her lower lips and her poor clit.

Before she could even right herself, the balls fell out.

“Fuck.” She reinserted them. And again… And again.

Finally, she lasted maybe three seconds. And then four.