Ooh Ooh! Exciting pre-order and discount!

Completed, the third book in the Wolf Gathering series releases in less than two weeks! This book is twice as long as the first two and picks up the action. It can be read alone, but for those fans following the series, you will be intrigued! The fourth book, Redeemed, is in edits andCompleted_Becca_Jameson_500x800 kicks things up another notch!

BUT, the exciting part is that you can now pre-order Completed on the Taliesin Publishing website. It’s being offered at a discount until its release on February 6.

AND, the first book in the series, Tarnished, is available for .99 for the same two-week period. If you haven’t tried this series yet, now is your chance.

To give a little background: This series centers around the idea that wolf shifters in North America congregate for a weekend every two years at a ranch in Oklahoma to conduct business and hopefully meet their mates. Each book centers around a different set, or trio, of wolves who find their mates through this venue or because of it. Of course, it wouldn’t be interesting if there weren’t some sinister background plots going around!

As I said, each book does stand alone and can be read without the others. However, I have received quite a bit of anxious feedback from those who have read the first two books in the series. After reading the third, anxieties will rise to new heights! :)

Head on over to Taliesin Publishing to pick up your pre-order copy of Completed, or to join this series, grab the first book, Tarnished, for .99!

I better get back to writing the fifth book before people start throwing tomatoes my way…