Redeemed Available at B&N and Kobo!

Redeemed_Becca_Jameson_500x800In a strange twist of fate, Redeemed is already available at B&N and Kobo! I’ll keep you posted when it shows up live on Amazon. It can also be purchased through the publisher, Taliesin. Hope everyone enjoys it! Becca


  1. Still showing as a pre-order at Kobo with no release date listed. Would like to be able to buy it there.

    • beccajameson says:

      Oh no! So sorry. I emailed several people. I’m sure they will fix it ASAP! Thank you so much for letting me know! Becca

  2. Was able to buy it at Kobo the other day and am just going to start reading it so thanks.

    Might want to let them know that 3em is ridiculously large for an indent and on some devices is almost halfway across the page making it very hard to read. Half of that, 1.2 to 1.5em, is usually considered “standard” I fixed my copy and it reads much better.