Tuesday Teaser!

BoundToBeTaken300So, in keeping with this months theme, I shall continue to tease you with passages from Emergence: Bound to be Taken. It releases in two weeks so I’m sure everyone needs to read a few snippets!


“We need a date for Friday.” Aiden sighed. He’d give anything for them to be able to go to Steve’s fetish party. Unfortunately the club hosting the gig only permitted couples or single women on Friday nights—not single men without a date.

Steve had told them they’d get in if they had one woman between them, but not alone. Steve had his own sub. He couldn’t very well pretend to share her with three men. That wouldn’t be believable. Especially since Aiden and Dane had barely even met Sheila in passing.

“You gonna pull one out of your ass?” Dane chuckled as he withdrew from said ass and plopped onto his back.

“Hardy har har. How long has it been since we had a soft woman between us?”

“Too damn long, that’s for sure.” Dane groaned. “I miss it.” He glanced at Aiden. “Don’t get me wrong. I love the relationship you and I have, but ever since we decided to give this new lifestyle a try, I’ve been hoping we might find a third to complete the deal, you know?”

“Don’t I. This arrangement…” Aiden motioned back and forth between them with a hand, “…is fantastic. Switching with you for the top gets me so horny I can’t breathe, but it would be so cool to explore the role of us both being Doms to one sub. I crave it. And it makes me feel guilty, frankly. I mean how many people get what we have in their entire lives and I’m so greedy I want more.”

Dane grinned. “We are greedy, that’s for sure.”

An idea flashed through Aiden’s mind. “How about that woman from the tenth floor?”

“The stuffy one with the matronly skirts and sweaters? Are you serious? She’s never even looked at us.” Dane glanced at Aiden from the side.

Aiden propped himself up on one elbow. “Oh, don’t give me that shit. I’ve seen you staring at her. She’s fucking hot under those layers of clothing, and you know it. Plus, I’ve never seen her with a man, so I’m betting she’s single.”

“You’re right. I’ve watched her fidgeting under my gaze. She glances at us when she thinks we aren’t looking. She makes my dick hard every time.” Dane threw one arm over his face. “She’s camouflaging all kinds of sexy under the office attire. Do you suppose she owns anything less formal?”

“I’m not sure I care. Might be an interesting form of role play. Mysterious, [JC1] grim matronly woman on her knees before us, sucking first one cock and then the other with her hands behind her back. God…I’m gonna come.”

“Fuck, man. That visual is…ugh.” Dane adjusted his dick and gripped it with his free hand. He peeked out from under his elbow at Aiden. “Did you just poetically conjure that up on the spot or have you been working on that picture for a while?”

“Come on, man. You know you’ve been thinking the same thing. You can’t deny fantasizing about her sometimes too.”

Dane sat up, a grin on his face. “In any case, I don’t think I’d describe her as matronly. She might dress like a stiff, but I’m betting she’s not all that old. Twenty-five tops. Maybe her job requires the stiff clothes. Granted, I’ve never heard her speak, but the way she chews her bottom lip… Ugh.” He rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

“I say we go for it. What do we have to lose?”

“Our dignity?” Dane said. “How are we going to look her in the eye and ride that silent elevator to the tenth floor with her in it after she turns down our offer of a night of fetish with two guys?”

Aiden stood and headed for the bathroom. “It’s a pipe dream anyway. Neither of us would have the balls to even ask.” He turned back to Dane. “It would rock my world though to see her dressed up in fetish wear.”