Only two days until RELEASE DAY!

BoundToBeTaken300I’m excited and shaking a bit over here. On Tuesday, my new series Emergence releases. The first book is Bound to be Taken. Nerve wracking. 🙂 This series will have four books and I’m already working on the fourth one. Bound to be Taken has received an awesome review from Night Owl Reviews! Thank you, VRainey, for the five stars and the Night Owl Top Pick! I get giddy every time I see your kind words:

Stephanie Parkins does not usually date, ever. After seeing what her mother went through, she does not think she needs a man in her life at all. Stephanie is an IT person at a computer consulting company. She works hard and wants a promotion and to get it she has to have a date for the company party. Stephanie’s bosses come across as very old school because they are worried about how she dresses rather than the quality of her work.

Aiden Collins and Dane Whitman are a bi couple that is looking for a third partner and want a woman to fill that spot. They have had their eyes on Stephanie for weeks and want to get to know her better. Aiden and Dane own their own restaurant and both come across as hot and sexy men. I loved how much they discussed all the particulars and the ramifications of everything before approaching Stephanie.

The chemistry between Aiden and Dane is blistering, then adding Stephanie is explosive. I loved that Aiden and Dane switched it up and dominated each other. They are in a very well established relationship and communicate well so neither party will get hurt emotionally by bringing in a third. The sex scenes were fiery whether it was between Aiden and Dane or all three of them together.

“Bound to be Taken” is the first book in the new series by Becca James called ‘Emergence’. I found this book to be well written and completely realistic. Ms. James’ writing style drew me into the book and I did not put the book down until I was finished reading it. The main and secondary characters were well-formed and realistic. I hope we get to see more of Stephanie, Aiden, and Dane in the future because I would love to see how Stephanie does as she settles in with all the new changes in her life. Overall, this was a wonderful book, and one I can see re-reading again in the future. –VRainey, Night Owl Reviews



  1. Heather says:

    I LOVED this book! I gave it 5***** cause there were only that many to give but it deserves more! The emotional intensity and true openness and honesty in this book blew me away and I actually had to stop for a while and step back because it was affecting me that deeply.

    This book will make you a believer in the talent of Becca Jameson – my favorite book of hers so far, by far. AMAZING!

    • beccajameson says:

      Thank you so much, Heather! I’m so glad you loved the book! I hope others find it as enjoyable. *biting nails now* 🙂 Becca