Holy Smokin’ Review, Batman!

gp2013button_zpsdfe16d04OMG! I’m shaking. I just read this fantastic 5 Star review of Bound to be Taken from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews! My day is perfect! Thank you so much, Donna. I can’t stop grinning.

This book is H-O-T!!!!! The sex between Dane and Aiden alone was enough to start an inferno, then mix a submissive into it and KA—BOOM, holy volcanic reaction book lovers! This book kept me on the edge of sexual craziness for two days. But there is more to this book than just hot sex scenes. The story line is emotional and believable. All three characters struggle with their decisions and the possible consequences of those decisions. I highly recommend this book as a GREAT erotic read and I am looking forward to the release of Bound to be Tamed. I give this book 5 stars with 5++ hands down the pants. Well done Becca Jameson, well done.

This book is H-O-T, like KA—BOOM, holy volcanic reaction book lovers! ~ Donna, Guilty Pleasures