Release day! Bound to be Taken

BoundToBeTaken300Seems like I’ve been waiting for this day to come for ages! I’m so excited. The first book in my Emergence series releases today. Bound to be Taken. And I’ve received the kindest words from a reader who commented on the advanced copy she had. She made me choke up with her praise. I have to share her review here:

Everyone knows that I am a Becca Jameson fan. She writes excellent shifter books and her shifter/menage books take the explosive hotness of her stories to another blow-your-mind level. But this book – this book takes every book I have ever read of hers and blows it out of the water like a redneck dynamite fishing in a lake (sorry I have CMT on for background noise and I just saw that).

I had the privilege of reading this book at the request of the author before publication. This is Becca Jameson’s first foray into a BDSM book. She has used some light bondage or blindfolds in other books but nothing she has written has ever delved this deep or explored the lifestyle like this book. And nothing else of hers I have read has been this powerfully written. I still remember the goosebumps and indrawn breaths, the sensations that moved through me as I read the words Ms. Jameson had written. I actually had to stop partway through and take a break to let my emotions settle because the honesty and intensity of this book affected me so deeply.

One of the many things that I find so alluring about the BDSM lifestyle is the inherent honesty. Whether you are a Dom or a submissive, you MUST be honest with your partner at all time as well as with yourself. For most of the modern world, that means we have to learn what it means to be honest about what we feel and what our motives are. Honesty – especially being honest with yourself – is something that has fallen out of fashion in the fast-paced “get everything you can, you are the number one priority and the only one that matters so go ahead and be selfish” world of material gain that has highlighted the 21st century for many. This book explores that level of honesty in a way that is both haunting and beautiful.

We are voyeurs with Aiden and Dane as Stephanie learns to be honest with herself about her needs and learns to express those needs. The men also have to learn to listen to someone else, to let her in to their twosome so that they can build this relationship that they desire. This book follows them all on their few days long journey of self and sexual exploration.

I HATE SPOILERS so all I will add is this book is a masterpiece of the written word and I am a better person having read it.