Taxes and Covers…

Abandoned-Becca_Jameson-500x800It’s tax day! If you live in the US, anyway! Everyone needs a break from staring at numbers though, right? So I’ll provide some eye candy in the form of my new book cover! Abandoned–the fifth book in my Wolf Gathering series. It releases May 1 with Taliesin Publishing.

I’ll post a blurb soon! Tweaking it still…

There will be one more book in this series. The 6th and final book will release later this year. Betrayed.

If you enjoyed this Wolf Gathering series, stay tuned next year. There is a spin-off in the makings!

Hope everyone enjoys tax day! lol If you haven’t filed yet, you are running out of hours! Might want to get on that! I’m off to the post office now… :)