What is Becca doing?

Hello! Yeah, I’m still alive… I’m naughty because I never post anything super interesting. That’s because I love love love to write and I never stop to “chat”! :) But, I should stop and take a breath and touch base. :)

So, what am I working on?

I have several projects in the works here.

The most exciting series in the making is The Fight Club! This series has six books. The first one, Come, releases July 3. AND, even more exciting??!! It’s going straight to print also. This series focuses on a group of guys who belong to the same Mixed Martial Arts gym and also the same BDSM club, Extreme. This is steaming hot, and I’m loving each story more and more as I write them.

Another series that’s been releasing since the fall is my Wolf Gathering series. I just finished the sixth book, Betrayed. This series has built with each book, setting the stage for a spinoff series that will release next year in the new world left behind at the end of Betrayed.

The current work on my desk, however, is the fourth book in my Emergence series. These books are more intense BDSM. Bound to be Taken, Bound to be Tamed, Bound to be Tested, and Bound to be Tempted. The second one releases with Samhain Publishing on July 29.

Coming up next year: another BDSM series with Samhain, the new wolf series with Taliesin, and somewhere in there I will get to work on the new adult book floating around in my mind. Oh, plus all the delicious guys from The Fight Club who are currently at war inside me for their turn!

So, now you see why I’m so busy!

Love hearing from all my fans though! And I’m always available to chat if you hit me up on facebook, twitter, my website, or even email!