I have the best fans ever!

Thanks so much to all my readers! My MMA series is doing so well, and I’m so excited! I have seen some of the best reviews for ComeCome-Becca_Jameson-500x800. I love my readers. Here is a sample of all the love I feel everyday:

Absolutely Fantastic!!!!! I have enjoyed this book so so much!!! I can’t wait for the next book to come out, I am so excited!! This book has such a beautiful love story mixed in with the perfect characters for an all around epic read!!–Lea Vanderlei

Great start to a series–This was a really enjoyable book. I’m not usually a huge fan of falling really hard, really fast. I like to read through the getting to know you stuff, but I guess when your in the type of relationship that Rafe and Katy are in you must trust each other completely right from the beginning. I really liked how they discussed what was expected and how the relationship would work. Rafe did not just expect and demand Katy do and know how it all works. I thought they way they met was awesome. I can’t wait for the next books to come out, especially after that teaser about Mason’s story.–mcrecy

Hot, Intelligently written. Please write more–Karen Dunst

Holy Cow–This book was fantastic. It had me alternatively laughing and gasping for air. I’m not surprised. I love Ms. Jameson’s work.–Rebecca Grimaldi

Hot Sexy Read–This is exactly that hot & sexy..the right place the right time the first suprise kiss will lead to a whole now world for Katy, suprise for Rafe she just stole your heart opposites do attract and you will learn a whole new life in the BDSM world…Amazing book the sexy MMA fighter and the sweet sexy attorney will keep you hot and bothered. love this book so much and yes SEXY ass hell cover on the book!!!!!–Amazon Customer

100% LOVED THIS BOOK!!!–What an awesome book! Loved the flow, storyline, characters… There was nothing to complain about. Eroticism..AMAZING! Stalker scenario..CAPTIVATING! Rafe… HOT!!!! U won’t regret buying this book. I can’t wait till the next one!–aberg

EXTREMELY WONDERFULLY WRITTEN LOVE STORY–RAFE and KATY…….What a hawt read…..I loved this book. VERY, VERY GOOD. I am going to see what else this author has to offer, I hope she has a book about each member of the Fight Club. They all sound like they are edible. Congrats, Becca Jameson, GREAT WORK. Thanks for the privilege.–lindalf

Fantastic! I thought this book was fantastic!–Fantastic!! I thought this book was fantastic! It is a story with romance and suspense in it. The main characters are from two opposite worlds that you would never picture them together. The book includes some light BDSM. Once I started the book I found I could not put it down. I can not wait for the next book in the series!–Annamaria Folkerts