Exciting New Series with an Exciting New Author!

Wrap-Paige_Michaels-Becca_Jameson-500x800I’m super excited to announce that for the first time I have co-written a series of BDSM books with a fabulous author who is new to the romance genre! Don’t let that fool you because Paige Michaels isn’t new to the world of literature! She is the bomb. I mean it. The bomb. And I’m super lucky that she agreed to do this project with me because her work is fantastic, fabulous, and (f)phenomenal! (Had to get all the F’s in there!) You will not be disappointed. We wrote a four book series together called The Art of Kink. Those books are called Pose, Paint, Nude, and Sculpt. They will be releasing starting next spring every few months. BUT! As a prelude, and a teaser, hehe, we wrote a short free read called Wrap! You can read it on my site or on Paige’s site OR!!! you can download it from Smashwords or ARe now! We’ll keep you all posted as it becomes available in other locations.

I’ve used an awful lot of exclamation points… 🙂

Paige and I will be teasing you several times over the coming months with more tidbits to wet the appetite! Take a look at our short and see what you think! Email and let us know. We can’t wait for the first full-length book to come out!

Click here to go to Paige Michaels’ website.

Click here to read Wrap on my site.