Coming Soon! A New Series: Claiming Her

The Rules web-sharing sizeI’m excited to announce a new series! The first book in the Claiming Her series is called The Rules. It releases on January 6, 2015, and it is available for pre-order now! This series will follow the lives of three dominant bachelors who own a nice slice of the technology industry and the submissives who catch their eyes. :) I hope everyone enjoys this new line of books.



He has his rules. But she has some of her own…

Amelia Kensington is ready to climb the corporate ladder. She finished her MBA and landed her dream job in downtown Atlanta. She has to work her way from the bottom up, but she’s more than willing. Until she meets the owner of the company. In less than five minutes, her new boss manages to flip her world upside down with his panty-dampening mannerisms and shockingly good looks.

Cade Alexander can’t believe his good fortune. The stunningly beautiful woman recently hired as one of his company’s assistants is not only sexy as hell, but the perfect submissive. She doesn’t know this yet, but he intends to show her. And he isn’t a patient man. He means to lure her into his world with all haste. As a Dom, Cade has his rules. But the woman of his dreams isn’t a pushover. She has her own rules.

Blending an average middle-class woman with the upper echelon isn’t an easy feat. Cade’s world may prove to be more than Amelia can tolerate. Some complications are insurmountable. Others are unforgivable…

To read an excerpt from The Rules, click on the book or the title.

Enjoy! Becca