Awesome 4.5 Heart Review for Need!

TRS_header_0708Here is the awesome review from The Romance Studio! Thanks, Shannon, for your kind words!

Emily Townsend is totally uncomfortable and out of her element with her visits to Extreme, a local BDSM club. But she is looking for answers to her sister’s death.  On her third visit, she never expected the sexy Dom she has watched from afar make himself at home at her table nor could she have ever imagined how heated things would get as she is challenged by him to submit to her submissive desires.

Rider Henderson might be tempted by the sweet little beauty who has been hanging around his club, but he doesn’t do newbies and he really doesn’t do relationships even if there is something about her that draws him like a moth to a flame.  Agreeing to train her to unleash her natural submissiveness, Rider figures he will work her out of his system as well.  Both Rider and Emily are in for a wild ride.

Need, author Becca Jameson’s new addition to her delightful and sensually entertaining series, The Fight Club, contains a superb plot and a refined portrayal of the characters, tied with their budding and altering relationship seems to work together hastening the reader’s involvement with the story.  Readers can’t help but feel like they are holding their breath with each turn of the page, almost as if they are witnessing Emily’s journey of discovery and her ultimate submission.  With it carefully paced scenes, the emotional pull and glimpses into the world of domination and submission, Ms. Jameson takes what could be a typical BDSM story and moves it to a higher level where it feels personal and passionate.

Readers will enjoy watching Rider challenge Emily week after week as he slowly introduces her to submission and what it means to submit to him.  Watching her battle her reluctant and cautious tendencies is portrayed realistically and in such a way that it almost has the reader wanting to ask the question, “what would I do in the same situation?”  In Emily, Rider finds a woman who is innocent, charming and genuine, a woman that not only intrigues him but seem to scare the heck out of him as well while she is shaking up the world as he knows it.  Familiar characters from The Fight Club have camo appearances throughout the story to help enhance the action as well as the main characters and their relationship.

Need is a story that shouldn’t be missed!

Overall rating:  412hearts
Sensuality rating:  Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon