Bound to be Tested is Live!

coverBound to be Tested is now available through most venues. :) I’m rather partial to this particular book. It stands alone, so if you haven’t read the first two books, it’s not mandatory in order to enjoy this one.



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Lori Polluck has reshaped her kink from bottom to top.

In the two years since her Dom disappeared without a trace, she’s transformed herself from perfect submissive to successful Domme. Her relationship with her submissive, Margaret, is…comfortable. Life is good. Until her past strides into Emergence, commandeers her scene, and turns her heart inside out.

Jude Cavanaugh can’t change his past, but he can definitely take charge of his future.

A mission he can never reveal took him away from Lori, he thought for good. But a twist of fate has brought him back to his life, his town, his club. He plans to reclaim it all—including his woman. Sure, she’s with someone else. Sure, she’s switched in every possible way. But the instant they touch, it’s clear Lori is still his to control. And she doesn’t like it one damned bit.

The road ahead will be rocky. Especially since Lori will just have to take it on faith that he won’t skip out again. But when nightmares turn real, they’ll both need to show ultimate trust to survive.

Warning: This book contains intense bondage scenes. Man on woman as well as woman on woman action will titillate the mind. Be prepared for public nudity, vibrators, a seriously huge dildo, restraints, a ring gag, spreader bars, lube action, and a steaming-hot wax scene…


  1. Linda Estes says:

    I just finished the book. I was sitting on pins and needles the whole time…. Trying to figure out what Jade’s secret was. Hoping that Lori could go from a Dom to sub and having their love hold everything together… I loved it.. I think it is the best book in the series so far..