Want is Available for Pre-Order!

Want-Becca_Jameson-500x800Want, the fifth book in The Fight Club series, is now available for pre-order at Amazon! It officially releases on April 2 with Hartwood Publishing.


Sabrina Duluth has a tidy life. She loves her editing job and owns her own home. On weekends she dabbles in BDSM. Nothing could possibly disrupt her perfect world…until she takes a class at the local college.

Conner Bascott is a busy man. He teaches British literature by day, fights MMA in the evenings, and attends a local BDSM club on weekends. The complete package…until a feisty brilliant sprite enters his classroom for the spring semester.

Sexual tension reigns until the summer after the class ends. They could ignore their attraction and continue with their separate lives. Or not. One brief encounter tips the scales and changes the course of their lives.

Sabrina is a strong woman with definite opinions. Conner is a firm Dom with specific demands. Toss in a plethora of external forces, seemingly derived to keep the two of them apart, and they are left with frayed nerves and frequent shouting matches.

Who is fighting to keep them apart? And why? Is their blossoming relationship strong enough to overcome extreme adversity?


  1. Sheilah Wolfie says:

    Can’t wait to read and review it! I love all the boys from Fight Club and my bf loves the MMA aspect (black belt himself; despit having cronic knee problems), add in some BDSM and you got a hot read! If you haven’t read the Fight Club series you should. Starting with book 1 Come. If the books don’t set ur panties in fire, have u raiding the freezer for ice cream to cool down or opting for either/ both a smoke andna stiff drink then you need to get out from under your rock!