Amazon Top 100 Has Me Trembling!

Karas_Wolves-Becca_Jameson-200x320OMG! I just found this awesome review for Kara’s Wolves from 2012 that I’ve never seen before! Thank you for your kind words!

“Damn, I’m not into menage and supernatural. Damn this book, for changing my direction towards it. I can’t fight it, can’t stop read this, can’t deny how I love the story and the sex. This is the book I will forever remember, because this book, now… I’m into menage. About the supernatural, after this book I’m trying to read other supernatural erotic book, but they just fail me. This book, the story, the sex, is totally HOT and GREAT. They deserve great review and I give it. XOXO”–Books Minority

Wow! Just…wow!

Best day ever!!! And it keeps getting better! Kara’s Wolves is now ranked number 46 on Amazon! My fans rock!