Thanks to Fresh Fiction for Their Review of Rebecca’s Wolves!

Rebeccas_Wolves-Becca_Jameson-500x800Fresh Fiction gave an awesome review of my recently released book in the Wolf Masters series, Rebecca’s Wolves. This is the sixth book in the series, but the first of a new group of siblings who live in Western Montana. It’s also the first release in the series after a three-year hiatus from working with the Masters family! I’m enjoying revisiting these menages. Love my Wolf Masters!

Here is the review from Annetta Sweetko at Fresh Fiction:

Rebecca Larson is a busy woman, between her nursing job and training for a Spartan race, she doesn’t have time for a social life. The weekend hiking trip with her girlfriend is only to get a little high-altitude workouts under her belt. She certainly doesn’t expect to say two of the sexiest men she has ever met are REBECCA’S WOLVES.

Griffen Masters is not pleased when his sister announces she is bringing a friend to their annual siblings-only hike. Making it bad is the friend is a human and she will never be able to keep up with this shifter family. However, it does manage to get worse — this human is his mate. He is trying hard to keep her at arms length, but when a mysterious force causes him to need special medical attention, his longtime friend Miles Bartel arrives. Now he is adding to the dilemma they find themselves in because Rebecca is also his mate.

With the questions piling up including what exactly happened to Griffen they turn to Miles’ grandmother, a medicine woman, in the hope she can shed some light on the situation. The biggest thing for Rebecca is learning shifters exist and she now has two of them who want to claim her. All Rebecca wanted to do was hike the mountain with her friend, not have her world changed.

REBECCA’S WOLVES is the sexy continuation of author Becca Jameson’s Wolf Masters series. In this book, Griffen is shocked to find his mate is his sister Sharon’s human friend. Even more of a surprise is that Miles will also be a part of that mating. The characters are interesting and intriguing, which include Miles’ medicine woman grandmother who has raised her grandchildren. I enjoyed the touches of Native American culture that came from the grandmother and Miles. Add in a mystery surrounding Rebecca, her workplace, the race she wants to run in, and then throw in a really big surprise at the end, and I was completely captivated.

If you haven’t already guessed with one woman and two mates this is a ménage tale and the sex is very much part of the story. If that bothers you then this might not be a book you will want, but if you want an adventure including sexy shifters, mystery with a few twists and turns, and lots of love, then REBECCA’S WOLVES is just the one for you.