Five Hearts for Melinda’s Wolves!

Melindas_Wolves-Becca_Jameson-500x800Melinda’s Wolves has received a five star review from The Romance Studio! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m truly blessed. Copying a section of the review here:

…Author Becca Jameson is an expert writer who knows how to delightfully fuse action, intrigue and red hot romance into a solid story that keeps her legion of readers coming back for more. In the latest installment in the Wolf Masters series, Melinda’s Wolves the author superbly create a connection between the reader and the main characters by using a balance between the drama and emotions of the story. Even though Melinda, Trace and Keegan’s story takes place within a week there is so much danger, action, tension and sexual desire that the reader can’t help but feel like they are being held hostage with each turn of the page.

As far as heroes go they don’t come any better than Trace and Keegan. These two drool-worthy men are charming, brave and caring and the perfect match for the feisty, courageous and determined Melinda. Trace, Keegan and Melinda are wonderfully drawn empathetic characters so well written the reader can almost feel their emotions. The teasing and internal struggles that arises for the doubting Keegan and Trace as Melinda heeds the spirits wisdom and guidance which helps her though the dangers that are stalking the lovers creates some interesting moments. The deeply seductive and intoxicating mating desire that heats up between the characters is smoking hot but there are plenty of tender touches and desires as the men take the time to woo their virgin mate. The secondary characters are an integral part of the story and help to enliven the action adding elements of humor and danger.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon