Teaser Week: Take One!

Force-Becca_Jameson-500x800I thought it would be fun to post a snippet from my new release, Force, each day for a week, just to tease everyone with my sexy Russian fighters… :) So here you go! Round one…

Many of the patrons were local bikers with unbelievably elaborate tattoos—thus the name of the bar.
It was crowded and filled with the scent of testosterone and beer. So much beer had spilled on the floor during the night that it made walking across the concrete surface slippery and sticky. It was also dark. An easy place to be anonymous and ignore the world for a few hours.
She’d had enough. Enough twiddling her thumbs holed up in a three bedroom apartment for months. Enough letting two fucking sexy Russian men tell her to stay inside and keep a low profile. Enough boring days and nights with nothing to do but teach a tediously difficult language to Mikhail’s younger sister, Alena, who had arrived in Chicago a few weeks after Lauren.
The two of them had been thrust into an uncomfortable situation with nothing to do but find a way to communicate. As the days stretched into months with no end in sight, Lauren had done a fabulous job of teaching her willing student the English language. Alena had also done a decent job of teaching Lauren some rudimentary Russian. But nothing kept her from going stir crazy.
Especially not the surly man who rescued her from one horrific fate only to drag her halfway across the country to what amounted to another jail sentence as far as she was concerned.

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