Teaser Week: Take Three

Force-Becca_Jameson-500x800A third tease from Force

Finally, she spun. “I’m moving out.” Her hand shook, sloshing the water she hadn’t take even one sip of.
Dmitry gasped. “Like hell you are.”
She rolled her eyes this time. “Are you saying I’m a prisoner here?”
“Of course not. But it’s not safe for you to be seen. You know that. It’s not negotiable.” He was so infuriating. He stomped toward her, his hands balled into fists. “Go take that ridiculous outfit off and put on something less slutty so I can talk to you.”
Her blood boiled. She couldn’t stop herself. She yanked the glass of water upward and doused his face with it. “Fuck you, Dmitry. Go to hell.” Instead of giving him the satisfaction of following his instructions, she slammed the empty glass down on the counter, rounded to a chair in the living room, and plopped her ass down, letting the skirt ride even higher. She knew if she separated her legs, she would give him an eyeful. She crossed her arms under her chest, pushing her breasts up higher to annoy him further.
She’d endured what seemed like a lifetime of scrutiny by the man currently staring at her with his jaw hanging open in shock over her defiance. It was a wonder she still had enough self-esteem to don this outfit and enter the bar tonight to beg for a job.
Dmitry wiped the water off his face with one hand, rounded the couch, and eased himself gingerly onto the corner. He tapped the arm with his left hand and took several deep breaths. “Where were you?”
“I got a job.”