Teaser Week: Take Four

Force-Becca_Jameson-500x800A forth tease from Force

“You’re exquisite. The sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.” He stepped closer, released one hand, and lifted his palm to cup her breast.
Lauren gasped at the contact, but instead of stepping away from his touch, she arched into his hand.
He groaned.
“Why?” Her voice was so small, he almost didn’t hear her.
Finally, he flicked his thumb over her nipple, loving the way she responded to him, and forced himself to lower his hand before he lost all control. He was like a teenage boy, probably even drooling. And with good reason. He’d been celibate as long as she had. His cock was in such a state of denial, it pressed against his jeans, pleading for release from its prison.
He’d had plenty of opportunity to fuck anyone he wanted over the months, but he wanted Lauren, not some piece of ass in a bar. No one compared to her. And so he’d lived with the self-imposed denial.
“Why, Dmitry?” she repeated.
He met her gaze. He owed her this. “Because you were hurting. The last thing you needed was another Russian asshole trying to get in your pants.”
“What if that was what I wanted? Did you ever stop to consider that?”