Teaser Week: Take Six

Force-Becca_Jameson-500x800A sixth tease from Force

When they were both spent and breathing heavily, Dmitry met her gaze. A smile spread across his face. “So totally worth the wait.” He leaned forward and took her lips. His kiss was urgent, demanding. He tasted of her.
And it occurred to her this was their first kiss. He’d rocked her world twice before pausing at first base.
She was okay with that, because if she’d known how well he could kiss before he’d made love to her, she might have gotten lost in his mouth and missed the main event.
Her heart rate was almost back to a reasonable pace when Dmitry released her mouth. He set his forehead on hers. “Jesus. I knew having you would be incredible, but nothing could have prepared me for that level of awesome.”
She flushed, finally managing to find some sense of herself. As the heat rose across her cheeks, he stared at her. “You weren’t so bad yourself,” she uttered lamely. She reached with one hand to stroke across his forehead, avoiding the cut above his eye.
Dmitry chuckled. One eye brow lifted. He rose off her a few inches. “Not so bad, huh?”
“Well, I mean…you know…” What? She couldn’t think of a witty comeback. She had nothing. “As orgasms go, that was pretty decent.”