Teaser Week: Take Seven

Force-Becca_Jameson-500x800A final tease from Force

“Bingo.” Boris grinned as he flopped onto his bed and crossed his legs at the ankles.
Erik wandered out of the attached bathroom. “What?”
“I just heard from one of my contacts, Franco, that Volikov fought tonight at an underground ring a few blocks south of here.”
“Fuck. That’s great. Anyone know where he’s living?”
“No. But he fights regularly and has been off the grid for a while. I’m betting Abram Gromov is booking for him. Can’t trust that guy. He’s slippery.”
Erik lowered himself heavily onto his own bed. “Your guy have any info on Dmitry’s next fight? Or Mikhail Dudko? I assume they’re together.”
“Not yet, but he’ll be calling as soon as he gets intel. And Dudko was with Volikov. I’m betting they live together.” Boris stared at the ceiling, hoping the next call would come through sooner rather than later. “And I offered Franco a hefty sum to follow either man the next time he spots them anywhere.”
“Good. You talk to anyone in Vegas about this?”
“Yep.” Boris twisted his neck to meet Erik’s gaze. “Grigory is having someone wire the money first thing tomorrow.”