Wolf Trinity: Re-Release!

WolfTrinityCoverI’m excited about the re-release of Wolf Trinity today with EverAfter Publishing. Minor edits and revisions occurred. This is a stand-alone short read that has always done rather well for itself. 🙂 It’s also one of my early forays into mmf. So, if you haven’t checked it out before and you like my hot, erotic wolves, now’s your chance. hehe (The new cover is pretty darn smokin’ too!) Now available through most venues:


Barnes & Noble



Emma is a wolf-shifter on the run from humans who killed her parents fifteen years ago. When she steps on an old trap in the Tennessee woods, she is truly screwed. Hungry and tired from weeks of running, she assumes she’s going to die.

Liam and Jaden are also wolf-shifters. They’re staying in a cabin in the wilderness for the summer to catalog the plant life in the area. Hoping to spend lazy months enhancing their own relationship and escaping women altogether, they are surprised to find a trapped female wolf on their first day at the cabin. Not only is she injured and mysteriously alone, but they realize she’s their mate.

As Emma recovers from a broken leg, the three find themselves drawing closer and closer together. The pheromones filling the tiny cabin suffocate them with the need to mate.

But Emma has an agenda: run for her life and keep these two male shifters from succumbing to the same fate she is destined for—death. And Liam and Jaden have their own problems. Both are concerned about what will happen to their relationship if they claim the gorgeous female occupying their bed. Will she accept their need to be with each other as well as her? More urgently, can they trust her not to flee at the first opportunity, leaving Liam and Jaden with holes in their hearts?