Awesome Review!

Lauries_Wolves-Becca_Jameson-500x800Thanks to The Romance Studio and Shannon for an awesome review of Laurie’s Wolves! That makes my day!

Five hearts from Shannon at The Romance Studio:

The very popular and highly entertaining author Becca Jameson weaves a magical tale that lures the reader in with its powerful sensual pull between the characters as well as the underlying tension between them and the forces working against their mating causing havoc.  The author has just the right touch for creating strong heroines, super sexy heroes and plenty of smoking hot love scenes that they practically singe the pages.  Laurie and her men are no exception; the sexually charged chemistry and heat between the lovers is emotion-filled, thrilling and unforgettable.

With each installment of the Wolf Master series it seems like the characters are thrown into a whirlwind of suspense, romance and danger which is full of twists that will are chilling, haunting and dark that will have the reader really thinking, wondering and even asking the “what if” question with each turn of the page. Right from the very beginning the reader will enjoy watching Laurie, Zachary and the blindsided Corbin’s mate claiming.  The sexual mate pull when Corbin meets Laurie for the first time with Zachary there is arousing, touching, tender and uncontrollable, you almost feel through the storylines the soul felt connection that Zachary and Corbin have for Laurie and the driving need that seems to overwhelm their senses.  Watching Laurie’s powers grow with the help of her mates and the longer she is among her family creates a magical ambience to the characters as well as the story.  The powerful connection she seems to have with nature, the weather and the spirit guide is interesting and intriguing.

Fans of this series will be amply satisfied with this installment while anxiously awaiting what’s next.