Pose is Free!

Pose-Paige_Michaels-Becca_Jameson-500x800Pose, book 1 of The Art of Kink, is now available as a free download from every venue! If you haven’t had a chance to try this series, you can do so now. 🙂 Paige Michaels and I had a blast writing this. All three books are BDSM. They storyline surrounds an art studio. We are a kinky pair, so be ware! The other two books, Paint and Sculpt, are also available now.

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Here is a blurb for Pose:

Cracking the façade of their perfect life may be the only way to reclaim their love.

Ten years of being Julian Turner’s submissive and Morgan isn’t sure she’s any closer to understanding the man she fell for after graduation. They have built a picturesque life for themselves, Julian as an advertising executive and Morgan as the executive director for a non-profit arts education center called the Loft. Morgan is deeply proud of the woman she’s become. But even in their play, in the games of dominance and submission they explore, Morgan knows Julian is holding himself back.

Julian doesn’t want his beautiful submissive to be tainted by the darkness that lurks just beneath the surface. He’s spent years building himself into the Dom he’s certain Morgan wants, hiding his deepest desires in order to maintain their relationship. But when Morgan pushes him too far, asking for something he’s afraid to give, Julian’s carefully stacked house of cards begins to topple.

Torn between the safety of what they know and the desire to go deeper than they ever have, Julian and Morgan must reveal their long-held secrets and re-examine what it means to trust another person, body and soul.