New Release: The Game!

d0f6326f-3035-4fda-8640-b56d808e2bd6The Game, book 2 in the Claiming Her series, released today everywhere. I’m excited about this series, my millionaire Doms. I should be wrapping up the third book, The Prize, and getting it off to the editor today also. It’s release is scheduled for March 8. I’ve had so much fun with these three guys and their submissives I will miss them. 🙁 I’ve attached the links to The Game below and the blurb.

If you haven’t tried one of my BDSM novels before, it just so happens that the first book in my Emergence series is available for FREE for the next ten days! Bound to be Taken can be downloaded from any venue.

The Game is available from the following venues:




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Her objective is to rein in the pieces of her fractured life… His objective is to rein her in and fix it all for her…

Cheyenne Decard has carried a smoldering torch for Riley Moreno for six months. She isn’t sure if she wants to ignite him with the flame and watch him burn for leaving her hanging that night or strip off her clothes and beg him to set her skin on fire. Either way, she isn’t prepared to face him at her company fundraiser.

Riley Moreno has been kicking himself for leaving Cheyenne high and dry that night six months ago. It wasn’t as if he’d had another option. She was way too innocent for his tastes, and she was the best friend of his buddy’s fiancée. Off limits. However, he hasn’t stopped thinking about what it would be like to dominate her delectable body.

Cheyenne’s life is finally coming together. She has a great marketing job she loves and has moved into her own apartment in downtown Atlanta. What she doesn’t need is to get mixed up with the man who has infiltrated her dreams and forced her to invest in far too many batteries.

Riley has baggage she’d rather not penetrate—namely his ex-fiancée, Christine. But that crazy woman has returned to wreak havoc in Riley’s life and all those who get in her path. She’s moved to Atlanta, taken a job, and made it her mission to win Riley back into her good graces.

Cheyenne is going to need some thick skin and a spine made of steel if she wants to make things work with Riley and keep her sanity at the same time. Her entire life is falling apart around the seams while she grasps at thin tendrils of sanity.

Riley has a tough decision to make. Should he risk going behind Cheyenne’s back to stop his ex from ruining his tenuous new relationship? And will his efforts prove futile when Cheyenne finds out he ignored her pleas to let her handle things on her own?