Thank You TRS for Your Awesome Review!

Amandas_Wolves-Becca_Jameson-500x800Amanda’s Wolves got a wonderfully sweet review from Shannon at The Romance Studio! Five hearts! Copying it here. Thank you so much. :)

Amanda Williams has come to Montana to join with her sister and to get away from her over-zealous religious parents. Right away she has a promising job interview where she can put her anthropology degree to use and make a difference.  Now she just has to start living a little, getting out of her sister’s apartment and meeting new people.

Sawyer Hamilton and Logan Masters might not have ever formally met before Sawyer reluctantly moved to Montana but each is aware that they will both inevitably share a mate with each other. Destiny has proven that their families are fated to merge together adding a third mate to the union to make it complete.  When Logan’s sister pushes the issue he has no choice but to accept his destiny.

If Sawyer and Logan destiny is to spend their lives together who exactly is the woman to complete their union? Will she be human?  And will she accept her fate?

Amanda’s Wolves is the ninth story in the Wolf Masters series that is just as potent and intriguing as all the others that have come before it.  It’s hard for me to believe that this series kicked off over four years ago with Kara’s Wolves and is still going strong with a loyal and well deserved following.  I have to confess every time I start to read the latest in this series a sweet sense of anticipation, anxious to see what twists and turns Ms. Jameson has in store for me and never has she disappointed me.

Super hunky shifters, Sawyer and Logan know what the future holds for them but they are reluctant to have fate step, commanding their union and the third to compete the union. Once these two meet up with Amanda these three are willing victims to their mating and the desires that flows between them.  The physical chemistry is explosive but the emotional bonds between Amanda and her mates is tender, sweet and seductive.  Although the mating pull and desire is instantaneous, the author takes the time to develop the main characters, through their lives and families before destiny steps in.  The characters alone repeatedly drew me into the thick of the tale with their determination, charm and bravery.

There seems to be numerous agenda’s throughout the story that kept me on edge, wondering and guessing the danger, intrigue and chaos that followed Amanda, Sawyer and Logan’s mating. I really enjoyed little peaks here and there and appearances from Logan, Sawyer and Amanda’s family which seems to enhance the connection between the lovers, the danger as well as the paranormal elements that surround the story.

With the sneak peek the author gives to the reader at the end of this story I can’t wait to read the next in this amazing series.–Shannon, The Romance Studio