Clinch (The Underground Book 2) Teaser!

Clinch-Becca_Jameson-500x800I almost forgot! Clinch, The Underground Book 2, is only 3.99 between now and release day. So, if you want a dollar off your copy, pre-order it before it goes live!



Leo grabbed the door and yanked it closed, twisting the lock as soon as he shut Marshall’s voice off. “Don’t bother,” he muttered.

She fought the grin that spread across her lips. “My hero,” she teased.

Leo didn’t seem to find the situation funny, however. “Who is that jackass?”

“Until last night, I guess I would have said he was my boyfriend.”

“And then?”

“And then he dragged me to your friend’s stupid fight and forced me to watch sweaty, huge, muscular, sexy men beat each other to a bloody pulp.” She gasped as soon as she realized a few of her adjectives weren’t appropriate.

Leo’s mouth quirked on one side. “Sexy, huh?” He set a hand on her back and led her through the waiting room and toward her office. “You were on a date with that jackass?”


“Wearing that dress?” He pointed to the wrinkled material that suddenly seemed way too short and tight.

“On my behalf, he didn’t exactly tell me we would be sneaking into some speakeasy to watch an underground fight.”

“I see.”

She licked her lips as she shrugged free of him and slid around to her desk chair. She had no idea what he saw, but she saw a room filled with testosterone all packaged up in a body she wouldn’t ordinarily find attractive.

Or maybe she was kidding herself.