Thrust available for pre-order!

Thrust-Becca_Jameson-500x800Thrust, book 5 of The Underground series, is now available for pre-order! It will go live on October 6! If you’ve been following my MMA fighters, there is only one more book left in this series, Torque, and it releases next month, November 3. There are a few mysteries I have held back for the entire series. I hope you enjoy them!

In addition! I wrote a book for Susan Stoker’s Kindle World that combines one of her sexy SEALs with a mystery character from The Underground! That book will release November 22. It is titled Saving Sofia. You won’t want to miss that novella as it will set the scene for an entire new spin-off series!



Alena Dudko’s life has been upside down for a year and a half. First she was abducted and held for six months in Russia, and then she was rescued and went into hiding in the US. She’s done hiding. She’s also done tiptoeing around Ivan Belinsky, pretending she doesn’t want the man in her bed.

Ivan has been responsible for keeping Alena safe for nearly two months. He has spent every minute of that time fighting his attraction toward her. After all, she’s his best friend’s sister, she has no idea Ivan is a Dominant, and she has innocence written on her forehead. She is off limits.

When Alena bares everything—literally—Ivan is forced to face his feelings head on. But nothing changes the fact that the leader of the Russian Mafia is after both them and their friends. The FBI is working frantically to capture Anton Yenin and put an end to the terror, but it’s taking longer than anyone would have hoped.

Alena won’t wait for the threat to be contained. She intends to live her life now. It’s up to Ivan. In? Or out?

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