I rereleased two books this week!

Yep, I’m on a roll. Not only did I rerelease two books this week, but I did it myself! Check me out all learning to self-pub… I’m almost a grownup. Not quite. But I’m getting there. Amazon is up and running for both books. It might take a few days before you see them on other sites.

So, what did I rerelease??

Abducting His Mate

Guarding the Truth

Both titles were changed, but only minor new editing was done. These are two of my earliest books. Check your ancient files before you purchase them! But hey, if you mess up, just return them. I don’t want anyone to have two copies of the same book. The new covers are shiny and pretty. Thanks Scott Carpenter!

AND–the release of the first book in my next series, Spring Training, is only a week away! I’m currently polishing up the third book in that series. Love my baseball players. Hope everyone else does too! Catching Zia is available for preorder from most venues. Scott Carpenter also made these covers. Shiny. New. Pretty. Ooh…

abductinghismate300  guardingthetruth300  catchingzia300-1