Grizzly Promise


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“Grizzly Promise” is a fantastic paranormal romance with real world issues (rape). It is done with compassion and there are not easy fixes. For that I love it. The characters are perfect.–Terri, Night Owl Reviews
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Ms. Jameson creates a wonderful world contained on one mountain. A fire in the Smokies is nothing compared to the heat in this beautiful love story. The sex is sizzling. The love is a living and breathing emotion. A light and beautiful read with enough spice to entertain. – See more at:
Ms. Jameson creates a wonderful world contained on one mountain. A fire in the Smokies is nothing compared to the heat in this beautiful love story. The sex is sizzling. The love is a living and breathing emotion. A light and beautiful read with enough spice to entertain. – See more at:
Grizzly Promise released September 12, 2017, with Hartwood Publishing.


Being the fated mate of an incredibly sexy grizzly shifter could be a nightmare…or a dream come true.

When grizzly shifter Wyatt Arthur arrives in Calgary, Alberta, for a business trip, he finds himself blindsided by the shy, skittish woman he is certain will be his mate. In a peculiar turn of events, she already has a boyfriend—a man Wyatt is confident is not interested in women. With no other options, he returns home, hoping his mate will eventually come to her senses and give him a chance.

After suffering a traumatizing experience as a teenager, Paige doesn’t date. Ever. In fact, she keeps men at bay by pretending to be in a committed relationship with her human best friend, Gavin Wright. There’s just one problem. Gavin is gay.

Gavin has never been comfortable keeping Paige’s secret from her family, but they have an arrangement. She keeps his sexual preferences confidential, and he keeps her sexual assault from the world.

What Paige doesn’t factor into her life is the possibility that someone might one day cross her path who causes her to waver on her conviction never to bind to anyone, human or shifter.

In a twist of Fate—or perhaps Fate knows exactly what She’s doing—Paige finds herself moving to Wyatt’s hometown of Silvertip, Alberta, to do research for the summer.

Silvertip is not big enough to hide from anyone, and Paige will be forced to face her past and her future. Now she just needs to figure out how to reconcile the two and find the strength to let Wyatt into her heart.


She was nervous. She could count on one hand the number of times she’d been alone with a man—human or shifter. It happened occasionally at school or an event, but it made her sweat. She was also smart enough to realize her reaction to all men was irrational. No way in hell was Wyatt a threat to her safety. Nevertheless, she wiped her hands on her jeans and swallowed her fear.

He shut the door, took her hand, and led her toward the front porch. There was nothing on it. Not even a rocking chair. “It doesn’t look like much from the front. But wait until you see the back.”

It looked like Heaven from the front, and she didn’t need to see the back. Or like the back. Or grow attached to the back. Or grow attached to the owner of the back. Or grow attached to the owner’s back, she amended in her mind as she stared at his ass. She tugged her hand free of his grip to sever at least that contact. If she could have found the words, she would have demanded he return her to Alton’s apartment. But instead, she found herself following him as if a magnet pulled her toward his porch.

He opened the front door and led her inside.

She followed, unable to stop herself, knowing it was a bad idea. Knowing what would happen when she stepped inside. And sure enough, his scent filled her lungs, intoxicating her even further than the ride in the truck.

The first thing that grabbed her attention was the floor-to-ceiling picture window straight across the great room. She headed in that direction, ignoring the rest of the house and gasping at the beauty that lay beyond it. She could see for miles in several directions. Mountains. Evergreens. Valleys. “Heaven,” she muttered.

“I thought you’d like it,” he stated from far closer to her than she realized. He stood inches behind her.

She could feel him as if he were touching her. And every breath filled her with his pheromones. He wanted her. He couldn’t mask it. Then again, she was aware she couldn’t mask her need to have him, either. She couldn’t shake it. It had its talons in her, gripping her so tight she felt as though she might suffocate. “We can’t do this, Wyatt,” she muttered.

He said nothing. The silence was deafening.

After several long minutes, she turned around to face him. “We can’t.”

He stared at her, his eyes deep brown and penetrating. He’d removed his jacket. “Do what? Talk? Get to know each other? Why not?” He didn’t blink.

She blew out a breath and stepped around him to put some distance between them. The rest of the room drew her attention. It was so warm and inviting. All browns and oranges and reds. The woodwork and cabinets in the adjoining kitchen were dark. The paint was a warm beige, and the tile separating the kitchen area from the living room was a deep tan. When she was across the room, leaning against the back of his brown suede sectional, she finally spoke again. “I have a boyfriend.”

“So?” He lifted his hands in the air, palms facing her as if he were totally innocent. “I haven’t suggested anything salacious here. I’m just showing you around town.”

She rolled her eyes. “This is not town. This is your home. I’m not in the habit of spending time alone with men in their homes.” She immediately realized how ridiculous that sounded.

He swallowed. Shocked? “Because of Gavin?”

She cocked a hip. “That’s a pretty legit reason.” He was too perceptive.

He shook his head, frowning. “I don’t think so.” At least he didn’t approach.

Yeah, way too perceptive. She sucked in a sharp breath. “Why would you say that?”

“Because it’s true. I don’t know what your deal is with him, but I’m not buying it.”

She hated that he could read her so well. “Are you always this blunt?”

“No.” He took one step forward. “We need to talk.”

“We are talking. We’re done talking. In fact, you’re making me uncomfortable.”

“That’s not my goal.” He stopped walking and ran a hand through his hair until it slid back across his forehead in disarray. Sexy disarray.

She had to glance away. “Well, it’s your result nevertheless.”

He sighed, stepping backward until he leaned his ass against the enormous window. She noticed for the first time there was an unfinished deck outside. It ran the length of the house, and it would be spectacular when it was done.

Wyatt cleared his throat. “Listen, you can ignore this thing for as long as you want. I won’t pressure you.”

A burst of nervous laughter left her mouth. “You won’t pressure me? What do you call blindsiding me this morning and carting me away in your truck and then bringing me to your home? If that isn’t pressure, I don’t know what is.”

He shook his head. “Nope. Pressure would be if I plastered you to the front door and kissed the life out of you until you saw reason. Pressure would be if I demanded you admit the deep scent of your arousal has filled my truck all morning and is now permeating my home.”

Her face heated to the point it burned. And the wetness in her jeans increased until she was sure he could see it through the denim. She shuddered involuntarily.

He lowered his voice. “I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. Like I said, I’m not going to pressure you. But I do want you to know how things stand so there will be no misunderstanding. I seriously considered tiptoeing around you all summer, but then I changed my mind. I’d be lying to myself and you if I didn’t say something. I want you. You’re like a drug. Just being in the same room as you is a treat that will sustain me for a while. And you can say anything you want, but the truth is you can’t hide your reaction to me, either. So, I’ll let you do what you need to do, but you need to know that when you’re ready, I’ll be here.”

She shook her head, panicking. “It’s never going to happen, Wyatt. You need to let it go.”

“It’s never going to go away, Paige. You need to accept that.”

“I disagree.”

“What are you afraid of?”

She inhaled sharply. “What makes you think I’m afraid of anything? Maybe I’m just not interested in you. Maybe I’m committed to someone else.”



“Why Gavin?”

“I’ve known him most of my life. We grew up together. We love each other. Why am I explaining myself to you?” Aggravation filled her, but mostly because she wasn’t able to hide anything from Wyatt. Damn grizzly pheromones.

Wyatt hesitated, his mouth partly open, seemingly deciding what to say next, or perhaps judging how wise his words might be. “You do realize he’s gay, right?”

She jerked her gaze to the floor. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Wyatt sighed. “Oh my God. You know he’s gay. What the hell are you doing, Paige? Explain it to me.”

A tear fell from her eye before she could stop it. And then another. For no good reason. Emotions flooded her. She’d never been called out on this before. Never. Not once in all her years had anyone ever accused Gavin of being gay, at least not to her face. How dare he?

More uncomfortable silence and then, “Is he using you? To hide?”

She bit her lip, hoping he didn’t notice the tears. Her hair fell forward enough to cover her face.

“Paige, talk to me. Why are you staying with him? Make me understand. If he’s using you…”

She jerked her gaze up, no longer caring about what he saw on her face, but needing him to stop prying. “Maybe I’m using him, smarty pants. You think you know everything?”

Wyatt winced. “What for, Paige?”

“None of your damn business, Wyatt.”

“See, that’s where you’re mistaken. Because everything that has to do with you is my business. I can’t stop it any more than you can. Whatever it is, I need you to tell me. Lean on me now. Not Gavin.”

A maniacal laugh escaped her mouth, and she wiped the tears away with the back of her hand. “Don’t be so cocky. You may be older, but you don’t know everything. Some things can’t be fixed. And I’ve made my choice. Gavin is a kind, decent man who adores me. Your efforts to convince me otherwise are futile and annoying.” She shrugged her backpack off her shoulder and unzipped it with trembling fingers to extract her cell. Two seconds later she typed a text.

Please come get me. I’m at Wyatt’s. His address is in the address book Joselyn made for me. I think it’s on the table.

Be there in ten, Gavin sent back.

She tossed the phone back in her pack.

“I would have taken you home.”

“You would have filled the truck with your pheromones.” She gasped as soon as those words left her lips. Damn.