Betrayed – The Wolf Gatherings #6

Betrayed–In a battle between good versus evil, right will always come out on top. Or will it?



Need-The Fight Club #3

Need-The Fight Club #3-She doesn’t belong in his world… Neither of them meant for her to stay…



Hers–Book4-The Fight Club

Hers–Book4-The Fight Club-Submitting to him is easy…Shaking off her past is not.


Pose-The Art of Kink-#1

Pose-The Art of Kink-#1-Cracking the façade of their perfect life may be the only way to reclaim their love.



Want-The Fight Club #5

Want-The Fight Club #5 – One brief tryst is the perfect way to work someone out of your system…right?




Betrayed–The final book in the Wolf Gatherings series! Betrayed-Becca_Jameson-500x800

Need-The Fight Club #3

Need-The Fight Club #3-She doesn’t belong in his world… Neither of them meant for her to stay…


Return of The Wolf Masters!

Rebeccas_Wolves-Becca_Jameson-500x800After a two year hiatus from my delicious Wolf Masters, I’m excited to announce the return of these sexy ménages! Over the next year, five more books will release centered around the Masters family, their smoldering hot men, and their mates! If you followed my first Masters family, you’ll be excited to know they have cousins in Montana. Convenient right? And guess what?! These cousins are cursed with the same affliction as the family in Oregon. (Wait–being mated to two people is a curse, right? Uhhh… I might be confused…) Each book will stand alone, but underlying themes are present to keep everyone wondering what on earth is happening in mountains of northern Montana! Stay tuned for more information in the coming month. A teaser should be around here somewhere… I’ll find it. I’m sure it’s here… :)

Book Five – Rebecca’s Wolves – arrives May 5, 2015! Squeee!


Rebecca Larson is a busy woman. Between her nursing job and training for a Spartan Race, she doesn’t have time for a social life. A weekend hiking trip with her girlfriend is strictly for the purpose of getting the high-altitude workout under her belt.

Griffen Masters is not pleased his sister is bringing a friend on their annual siblings-only hike. And to make matters worse, the woman is human. She’ll never be able to keep up. However, the moment she arrives, his world tilts. She is his mate.

As if Griffen doesn’t have enough problems wooing his mate and trying to keep his hands to himself for the weekend, a mysterious force causes him to need medical attention at the peak of the mountain.

Miles Bartel is a long-time friend of Griffen and a vet. An added shock—Miles is also destined to mate with Rebecca. But the questions are piling up. What happened to Griffen in the first place? And how much light can Miles’ grandmother, a medicine woman, shed on the situation?

The mating is inevitable and urgent. Everything else will have to wait. But strange events occur nearly every day, keeping all three on their toes. And answers are not forthcoming. If something doesn’t give soon, frayed nerves will start to affect their relationship.


POSE got 4 Cups on CoffeeTime Romance!

Pose-Paige_Michaels-Becca_Jameson-500x800Thank you Coffee Time Romance! 4 cup review for Pose!

There are as many levels to BDSM as there are people who live it, and in my opinion, Julian and Morgan are very deeply involved in the lifestyle. What they have and how they relate to each other is rather extreme, yet it is beautiful in its ferocity. Like any relationship though, it is a work in progress. I love their passion, dedication, and absolute devotion to each other, even when obstacles try to derail them. – See more at: Coffee Time Romance.



5 Star Review for Hers on All Romance eBooks!

5 Star Review for Hers on All Romance eBooks! “This is the fourth story in the The Fight Club series. This story was well written and entertaining. I enjoyed this story and am enjoying the series.”