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Wrap by Paige Michaels and Becca Jameson

Julian Turner has been working too hard this holiday season and his submissive Morgan is tired of being brushed aside. Her solution? Break all the rules to ensure she’s on his naughty list. Then surprise him when he returns from work by wrapping herself in holiday flare.

Candy cane striped corsets and cherry red heels may look good on his Morgan, but after four days of bratty misbehavior, Julian only wants to see her naked on all fours, ready to be spanked. And if getting in the holiday spirit means testing the strength of red silk ribbon and being clamped by angel wings? Julian is happy to give Morgan one or two of her gifts early.



Author Note

This story takes place right before the beginning of POSE. It is a holiday prequel. We hope you enjoy it.

’Tis the season to make sure she is on the naughty list.


Morgan looked at her candy cane striped corset in the mirror and smiled. No matter how preoccupied Julian had been with his new business pitch, there was no way he’d be able to ignore her in something so ridiculous.

She adjusted the garter strap on her thigh highs, glanced down at her four-inch red heels, and checked the time on her phone. His plane had landed an hour ago. He would be there any minute. Mad as hell. She licked her cherry-red glossed lips and grinned at her reflection again.

Julian had sent her very specific tasks for the days he’d been in Boston. Tasks Morgan either ignored all together or modified. She knew she was playing with fire disobeying him, but the new business pitch had all but consumed him over the past few weeks, and she was tired of competing for his time. He would have to punish her, and with any luck, it would be long, hard, and drawn out.

The front door banged open, and Morgan squeaked. She swiveled around, and her breath caught in her throat as he stomped into their bedroom. Beautiful black eyes zeroed in on her. His bald head left uncapped still had a few snowflakes on it. The heat and energy coming off his dark skin pelted her. God , he was delicious when he was furious.

“Nice corset. Take it off,” he said, his voice threaded with steel.

“Welcome home, Sir.”

“Take. It. Off. You’re in deep trouble, little girl.”

Butterflies took off in Morgan’s stomach as she started unhooking the front of her corset. Julian dropped his coat on the armchair in their bedroom and removed his clothes with quick efficiency. She stared at his backside when he turned around, admiring his fine ass, firm and smooth. It hadn’t changed in all the years she’d known him. He was still the sexiest man she’d ever laid eyes on.

Her hands shook as she slipped the corset, garter belt, and thigh highs off. She had hoped he would take more time to admire her in the carefully planned outfit before it hit the floor. But apparently that wasn’t in the cards. He was more furious than she’d expected.

He stepped in front of her, and she braced herself for his touch, squeezing her eyes shut and waiting for his hands to grab her—pinch, mark, claim. She didn’t care, she was so desperate for him. Four days was a long time, and even their connection over the past few weeks had been too brief, interrupted by phone calls he needed to field from his creative teams at work.

She felt his breath along her skin as he circled her, but still he didn’t touch her. She bit the inside of her cheek in frustration as he stepped back in front of her. His thick cock bobbed hard, angling toward her stomach. She wanted that. How long would he torture her before he let her taste him or plunged into her pussy?

“Baby girl, what did you hope to accomplish by ignoring my tasks for you?”

She flinched. “I did some of them, Sir.”

He gripped her chin, and her breath whooshed out. Touch. Finally.

“Morgan, when I asked you to send me an ass picture, you sent me a photograph of Santa bending over.”

She grinned. “To be fair, it was an ass picture.” She was goading him. She knew that. It was intentional. Anything to get him riled up. Even anger was better than nothing. Either way, she won.

His hand on her chin tightened, and moisture pooled between her thighs. “And when I ask to see your delicious pussy, you sent me a picture of a chocolate cat in a Christmas hat.”

He slid his thumb along her lower lip, and she immediately opened and sucked the digit into her mouth, rolling her tongue over it.

“You’re that hungry for me, little girl?”

She pulled off his thumb and said, “Yes. So much, Sir.”

He stepped away and she nearly growled in frustration. “Well, these little holiday teases of yours made me very cranky.” He dropped his hand to cup her mound. She automatically widened her stance, but he didn’t dip his fingers into her needy slit. “What do you think we should do about your defiance, princess?”

He pressed his palm over her clit, and this time she did moan. “Punish me, Sir. Please.”

He dropped his hand. “I don’t know about that. You want it too bad and I’m too on edge. I think maybe you need to exercise a bit more patience. Learn how it feels to not get what you want.”

Her eyes widened. “Julian. No. Please. I’m sorry. I didn’t think…”

God, would he really pull away again? Would he find his pleasure somewhere else? Leave her needy and frustrated because she defied him?

For a moment, the hardness of his gaze softened, and she saw the man beneath. The one she fell in love with when she was eighteen years old with nowhere to go and no one to take care of her. He’d been her everything then. And now, ten years later, he still was.

“That’s right, little girl. You didn’t think. You just wanted something, and you couldn’t figure out how to ask me for it, so you decided to be a brat and disobey me.”

Morgan held her breath and waited, afraid he’d follow through and leave her again, leave her wanting him so much.

“What’s my job, princess?” he asked, tipping her face up to meet his dark eyes.

“To take care of me,” she answered as she drank in his gaze.

“That’s right. So don’t look at me like that. Like you don’t trust me to do my job. Get on the bed on all fours.”

She turned and climbed onto the bed, hiding the relief on her face from him. She shouldn’t doubt him. They’d been together so long. But Julian had always kept a part of himself from her, and when one of them was buried at work—Morgan as executive director of a nonprofit student arts center called the Loft and Julian as Chief Creative Officer for a well-known ad agency—she felt even more distance between them.

“Ask for what you want, baby girl,” he said as she positioned her knees wide.

She looked back at him. “Whatever makes you happy, Sir.”


The truth in her words wound around Julian like a long silky ribbon. His little girl was perfect in every way. Well, every way except for one.

“What makes me happy is for you to do as you’re told.”

She wiggled her perfect ass slightly and said, “I’m doing as I’m told now.”

He couldn’t stop himself from reaching forward and smacking her left butt cheek, instantly pinkening it. “But you didn’t for the past four days.”

He knew she was being difficult because he’d been apart from her and preoccupied with the Base Makeup pitch for the past few weeks. But he’d hoped by now she’d be able to better verbalize her frustration instead of being defiant.

“I was…” She stopped and looked at him, biting on her lower lip.

“You can say anything to me, little girl. I want that between us. I’ve always wanted that.” How did she not understand this?

Because you’re keeping yourself from her.

He was, but it was out of necessity. She needed to be protected from him, protected from who he really was, the monster he could be. His needs were so much more than he would ever expect her to fill.

“I’ve missed you, Julian.”

Her words struck him like body blows, weighted with longing and neediness. He was terrified he couldn’t give her everything she needed.

“I’m here, baby girl. I’ll always be here.”

She dipped her lashes. “Then punish me. Spank me, fuck me, own me. That’s what I want.” She paused, her voice lowering to a whisper. “Anything, Sir. I just need you.”

A snarl sounded from the back of his throat. “Oh sweetheart, I hope you don’t regret saying that.” He moved toward her, kneading her ass cheeks with his large hands. He loved seeing the contrast between her snowy pale skin and his nearly ink-black skin. It made him so hard, particularly when her skin became red from his ministrations, his marks on her soothing something deep inside him in a way nothing else ever had.

“Safe words,” he demanded.

“Yellow for slow down. Red for stop. Green for fuck me harder.”

He laughed. “I’ve missed you too, baby. So fucking much.” Then he opened his hand and smacked her other butt cheek.

She moaned low and wiggled as if asking for more. He began with a series of smacks, working her ass and along her thighs until they’d turned a warm red. Each time his hand touched her skin, she relaxed deeper into the mattress. With his other hand, he dipped two fingers into her pussy. Dripping wet.

“So hot for me, princess.”

She pushed back into his fingers, but he refused to give her what she wanted yet. Not after she’d toyed with him for the past four days. He’d never let her know how much he’d enjoyed her intentional misinterpretations of his demands. Sure, he’d been frustrated, perhaps even angry, but only because he’d desperately missed her. It was the holiday season. He loved spending holidays with his girl. Being away right before Christmas had made him cranky as hell. Yes, her responses to his requests made him chuckle, though he’d never admit that out loud. They’d also made his dick hard and his hand itch to spank her.

“Don’t move,” he said, and then crossed to their bedroom closet where he kept his supplies. And the gift he’d planned to present her on Christmas.

He picked up the cuffs he usually used to secure her hands, but then noticed the bag of wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift tags. Dropping the cuffs, an idea formed, and he chuckled to himself. He grabbed the ribbon and her gift, and returned to the bed.

“You look so gorgeous like this. I don’t know what to take first.”

She whimpered as he slid his fingers back into her tight sheath. “Anything. Everything. Please, Sir.”

He moved toward the headboard and took one of her wrists in his hand. “I know you’re a sucker for the holidays, baby. All that constant Christmas music and cinnamon candles and pine needle potpourri. It’s like the North Pole in here. So I’m going to wrap you up like my own present, and give you your gift a few days early. Turn over now, little girl.”

She flipped onto her back and blinked slowly as she watched him wrap the thick silk ribbon around each wrist and secure it to the headboard. He held up the gift box wrapped in golden paper with a silver bow, and her glazed expression cleared.

“Don’t you think we should wait until Christmas, Sir?”

Julian climbed onto the bed and kneeled between her legs. He nudged them wider as he watched her face. His fingers slipped down and danced over her hard clit. She inhaled sharply, but he didn’t add any more than the lightest pressure. “Well, baby, if you want to wait, I’m happy to keep you tied up like this for a few days. That’s a long time for you to wait for an orgasm, but if that’s what you want…”

He drew his hand away from her and began to stroke his cock. He gripped it hard and considered jerking off onto her tits before presenting her with the gift.

“No, Sir. I didn’t…” She shook her head. “I need to come. You can give me the present if you think it’ll help.”

He smiled as he released his cock. “I think it’ll help, princess.” He opened the box and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps with angel wings attached he’d found on Etsy a few weeks ago.

She gasped. “They’re beautiful, Sir.”

He leaned over and drew one of her pert nipples into his mouth, lapping at it before he nipped with his teeth. She whimpered and lifted her hips. God , he loved how responsive she could be. He pressed her hips down with his weight as he continued to toy with her nipples. Finally, he popped off and pinched the darkened flesh between his fingers, then secured the first clamp. She sighed when he let the tiny wings settle against her breast, and again he was amazed at how much she could take. A part of him wondered if he could push her even more, but he didn’t know if he could control himself after he reached a certain point.

“Other side now, baby girl.”

“Please, Sir, I need. I’m so… I ache, Julian. You have to…”

He secured the second clamp and gripped her chin. “I know what you need, baby girl. You don’t tell me what I have to do. You trust me to do it. Understand?”

She nodded. “Yes, Sir. It’s just…”

Before she could say anything more, he pushed forward to claim her mouth. He licked along the seam of her lips, nibbling at them before thrusting his tongue into her mouth and tangling it with hers. She whimpered, and he gripped her hair with one hand and slid his other hand toward her needy pussy.

He pulled away and lowered his mouth to tease first one clamped nipple, and then the other, all the while circling her clit with his thumb.

“Please, Sir. Please please please please. Fuck me.”

He lifted his head and looked at his little girl, arms pulled tight above her head with red silk ribbon, nipples clamped by angel wings, legs spread and waiting for him.

“You’re magnificent. The best present I could ever hope for.” Instead of complying with her wish, he leaned back and sat on his heels, spreading her lower lips open wide. Her pussy was bare, exactly how he liked it. At least she’d followed that instruction to his specifications. He grazed his fingers over her outer lips and then stroked one through the slit, dragging more of her arousal up to her clit.

Prolonging her agony was his favorite game, especially when she’d been as naughty as she had the past few days. Perhaps one day she would learn that it didn’t pay to defy him. Then again, life would be boring if she changed.

Morgan tipped her head back and moaned toward the ceiling, her nipples rising and causing the clamps to jiggle. “Julian…”

He watched her face as he teased, pushing the hood away from her clit with one hand and flicking one finger over it with the other.

She dug her heels into the bed and lifted her torso.

Julian pressed down on her belly. “Stay still, little girl.” His voice was deeper. Rough. He hadn’t realized until he spoke how totally aroused he was. He needed to be inside her at least as much as she pleaded with him to do so.

Nevertheless, he circled her clit and flicked over it again and again. He knew his little girl well. She would have a tight knot in her stomach. She’d described it to him many times, a stiff sensation that welled up inside her as the need built to a crescendo.

When he thought she inched too close to the edge, he released her clit and stroked back down to spread her lips again. “So pink. So wet.” He dragged two fingers through her slit from the top toward her ass. “My little girl was naughty this Christmas season.”

She moaned in response.

“Do you think naughty little girls deserve release?”

Nothing. This was how he knew she was slipping into his favorite mental state. She could no longer respond to him with her mouthiness.

Thank God . Because he was about to come on her stomach whether he wanted to or not.

Julian removed his fingers, braced himself on both sides of her body, and speared her with one sharp thrust of his cock. She cried out, and her pussy clamped down on him as she came, her body shaking from the orgasm.

He pulled out of her and speared her again, moving faster and drawing out her orgasm until she clamped around him tighter. This time he came with her, spilling into her until they were both left breathing hard.

Long seconds passed as Julian stared down at his princess. His world. He watched as her eyes came back to his face, and she lost enough of the glazed look for him to know she was seeing him again. And then he smiled.

Finally, when they’d both recovered and he’d loosened the ribbons at her wrists to free her hands and released the nipple clamps, she wrapped her body around his.

“Still two more days until Christmas,” she whispered.

“I should probably…” He started to get up, but she squeezed him tighter.

“No, Julian. It’s the holidays. Work can wait. I don’t want you getting out of this bed to do anything but feed me for the next two days. I’m asking. No, I’m begging. Please. Stay.”

He kissed her head and looked at the pleading expression on her face. She was his and he would do anything to make her happy.

“Okay, baby girl, I’m all yours. For the next two days, I’ll be at your beck and call.”

She licked a path from his neck down to his chest, circling his nipples with her talented tongue. “You got to wrap me up in ribbons, so I think it’s time you were wrapped in something too.” She slid her hand down and fisted his hardening cock.

“Little girl, you already have me wrapped around your finger. What more do you need than that?”

“Nothing, Sir. For now, it’s enough.”

About the Authors

Paige Michaels writes contemporary erotic romance. She’s visited five continents and is the proud winner of Miss Applegate’s third grade snow poem contest. When not writing, she makes collages of B-list celebrities and pretends she can cook.


Becca Jameson lives in Atlanta, GA, with her husband and two kids. After years of editing, she is now a full-time author. With over 25 best-selling books written, she has dabbled in a variety of genres, ranging from paranormal to contemporary to BDSM. She loves chatting with fans, so feel free to contact her through email, Facebook, or her website.

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