Catching Ava (Spring Training, book 3)


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Ms. Jameson creates a wonderful world contained on one mountain. A fire in the Smokies is nothing compared to the heat in this beautiful love story. The sex is sizzling. The love is a living and breathing emotion. A light and beautiful read with enough spice to entertain. – See more at:
Ms. Jameson creates a wonderful world contained on one mountain. A fire in the Smokies is nothing compared to the heat in this beautiful love story. The sex is sizzling. The love is a living and breathing emotion. A light and beautiful read with enough spice to entertain. – See more at:
Catching Ava released March 14, 2017.


Welcome to the Spring Training series by best-selling author Becca Jameson. Spring Training follows the lives of several major league baseball players as they deal with the fame and reality of life and love. This third book in the series, Catching Ava, features the third baseman as he meets the perfect sweet, innocent, younger woman while dealing with a family crisis.

It starts with a blind date…

A blind date with a sexy major league baseball player seems harmless enough. Except Ava Phillips falls hard for Xavier Monreal and then can’t get him to move off first base.

He is not boyfriend material…

Xavier has some family issues that need resolving before he’s boyfriend material for anyone. He also has a stubborn streak that keeps Ava at arm’s length.

Their passion won’t be enough if they both dig their heels in.

Time and again their agendas clash. Ava has personal goals that keep her from spending much time with Xavier. Meanwhile, Xavier needs to get his head out of his ass if he wants to earn her respect.


When they’d gone out Friday night, he’d been easygoing. Light. Their conversations and texts had been similar. But now that she was with him… Yeah. Totally different.

As she stepped into his space, he spread his feet wider, grabbed her waist, and hauled her against his body. The bulge in his pants was undeniable. Her pulse picked up speed.

She was definitely in over her head. But she’d known that before she came to Jupiter that morning. Somewhere in her mind, she’d been fully aware of what she was getting into with this man. And she’d craved it.

She’d had three days to daydream about a moment like this one. None of her imaginings came close to how she actually felt in his arms, however. The intensity of his gaze made her clasp her legs together. Her heart raced. Her mouth was dry.

There was a reason why she packed a bag and tucked it in her car. Now that she stood in his condo with his hands on her waist, she knew she’d made the right choice. She was twenty-two for God’s sake. It was time to lose the V-card.

She wasn’t one of those prudes who held on to her virginity for religious reasons or because she had some high moral standards or even because she wanted to wait until marriage. It had just happened. Or rather hadn’t happened.

She’d been a hard worker in school. She’d dated, but her studies had always taken priority, and somehow she’d never met anyone she wanted to go out with more than a few times, let alone sleep with. Until Xavier. He had a magnetic pull on her, and she knew the timing was right. Xavier was exactly the person she wanted to have sex with for the first time. Any lingering doubt about this plan fled.

He eased his hands up her sides, grazing her breasts on the way, and then cupped her face with both palms and tipped her head back. “That kiss in the car was supposed to break the ice. I don’t think it worked.”

Before she could respond, he closed the gap and took her mouth again. The first kiss had taken her breath away. This one was so much more. Her knees threatened to buckle.

She leaned toward him and flattened her hands on his chest to keep from sliding to the floor. Her eyes fluttered closed as he tasted every inch of her mouth and sucked her lips between his until they were swollen. She panted heavily when he finally broke the kiss.

His hands smoothed down from her cheeks to her neck to her shoulders. “Wow.”

“Yeah.” She blinked, having trouble focusing. Her breasts were swollen and pressing against her bra, making it seem two sizes too small. Her nipples were puckered and tight. Both were pleading for attention they shouldn’t crave this early in a relationship.

That slow smile she’d come to expect spread again. “I thought the first kiss was an anomaly. Apparently not.”

“Yeah,” she repeated, feeling rather stupid. But any other words she had running through her mind wouldn’t come together to form a coherent thought. Even if they did, she wouldn’t have been able to get them to come out of her mouth. If she tried to speak, she would embarrass herself.

He pulled her closer against him, causing her to ease her hands around from his rock-hard chest to his sides. Then he buried his face in her hair and inhaled. “Love your shampoo. I noticed it Friday night, but I never got a chance to get close enough.”

“Raspberry vanilla,” she stated, feeling a little ridiculous.

“Mmm.” His hands cupped her ass and then smoothed up her body until they threaded in her hair. “And your hair is so damn soft. I wanted to run my fingers through it the other night too. Again, thwarted by the lover’s quarrel.”

She tipped her face back and set her chin on his chest to meet his gaze.

“Your skin and hair are so fair you’re like porcelain.”

She giggled. “Now you’re starting to sound like a sappy novel.”

“You making fun of me?” He smirked while he dropped one hand to her ass and pinched her butt cheek.

She yelped, jumping in his arms. “You did not just pinch me.”

He wiggled his brows. “Is there someone else in the room?”

A question had niggled in her mind from the moment she’d agreed to go out with him Friday. And without her permission, it flew out of her mouth. “Do you belong to the same club in Miami Dominic goes to? Zodiac?” She didn’t particularly care if he practiced some form of BDSM. In fact, the idea titillated her more than it should. However, she wanted to know. Prepare herself mentally or something.

He eased his hand from her butt up her body to cup her face. His thumb rubbed her bottom lip, his gaze honing in on the spot as she parted her lips for him and drew in a breath. “Would it bother you?”

“I don’t know. Yes. No. Maybe.”

He lifted his gaze to hers and licked his lips. “Ava, I know you have questions. And you should. And I’ll answer all of them. I promise. But let’s take our time. No rush.

“If you’ve spoken to your sister about her relationship, then I’m sure you know a little about dominance. If you’re curious about me, I can tell you I am pretty dominant. Yes. But I would never expect you to be someone you’re not. And I would never push you to do something you aren’t comfortable with.”

She nodded. Did that ease her mind? She wasn’t sure. Partly because she didn’t know if she was interested in him because she knew he was dominant and she wanted a taste of that lifestyle, or if she was scared out of her mind to find out. Probably a little of both.

“You’re not the usual sort of woman I date. And I’ll be honest, I may be overstepping my bounds by asking you to come here today. My mind is yelling at me that you’re too young, too innocent, and too naïve. My heart is pleading with me to snag you up, lock you in my bedroom, and keep you for all the same reasons.”

What did that even mean?

He kissed her nose. “So, I have no idea if this is a good idea or a horrible one, but I do know I couldn’t live without finding out. I swear I’ll do everything in my power to avoid hurting you.”

“I would never let you do something to me that might hurt,” she blurted out.

He nodded, his expression more serious. “Ava, I didn’t mean physically. That goes without saying. I mean emotionally.”

“Oh.” She flushed again. He was right. She was so naïve. She’d read about BDSM. She’d even encouraged her sister to give it a try. But knowing and participating were two totally different things.