Guarding the Truth

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Guarding the Truth is a rerelease of a book previously titled Deceptive Liaison. It has been retitled and reedited, but the story remains the same. The original release date was November 11, 2011. The second edition released January 9, 2017.


Madeline Cooper is a disgruntled, wealthy graduate student who finds herself sequestered at a Midwest university under a secret identity while awaiting the capture of her dangerous attacker.

Her new neighbor, Parker Phillips, is a hunk who leaves her sexually frustrated night after night. He also turns out to be a private agent secretly hired to protect her.

Although Parker’s entire world is upside down with his need to possess Madeline, he tries to reign in his feelings and focus on the job. Unsuccessful in his efforts, their passion is unleashed in a long, steamy night of sex.

All hell breaks loose in the morning when the secrets between them are revealed and the two find themselves on the run. Hiding out in the mountains, they are faced with the task of overcoming their vastly different upbringings, forgiving the lies and secrets their relationship was founded on, and taking advantage of the sensual hot springs to reinvent their relationship.


Parker pulled himself together and followed Madeline’s sexy ass discreetly to her car and then skirted the edge of the complex while she moved it to what he knew would be a more suitable parking space. It was time to make his next move on this woman. And he wasn’t at all oblivious to the fact that very thought was loaded with double meaning. He approached her as nonchalantly as possible.

“Hey… Maddie, right? Need any help?” Parker hoped he sounded reasonably coherent and not too stalkerish. All he needed was to scare her off thinking he was suspect after what she’d been through. He half hoped she would be leery about him and not too accepting just so he could rest assured that she wasn’t the most naïve person on campus. But he was not granted that wish.

“Hey, yourself. Um…sure.” She was way too trusting. This was going to be a long tough assignment. Especially if she smiled at him that way every time he saw her. He wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans and prayed she would not notice the hard-on he sported once again. Man, you’re going to have to get control of your dick or this will never work.

“Can I carry something up for you?” This was the plan. Help her unpack. Get to know her. Befriend her. And eventually fake date her. Dr. Cooper hired Parker to pretend to date her in order to keep her safe. He certainly hadn’t intended for Parker to fall for her. With a deep breath, Parker ambled closer to Madeline’s car.

“Oh. Thanks. You don’t have to do this… I mean…I can easily get this all unloaded by myself. I’m in no hurry or anything…but, okay, fine.” She bit her bottom lip nervously. Did he make her nervous?

Parker, dude, this isn’t a good thing. You may not under any circumstances think of this woman as an available hot chick. She’s off limits… The thought disappeared when she leaned into the trunk, her tight sexy jeans hugging her rear to perfection, begging for his attention.

Parker looked away for a moment and took a deep breath. He gripped his hands together to keep from reaching out to caress the fine set of cheeks in front of him. Lord, Parker, since when are you a butt man?

He cleared his throat. “Here. Let me get that.” He reached for the box she pulled out of the trunk and lifted it.

After Madeline grabbed another, he followed her to the entrance of the building, staring directly at her fantastic ass all the way. When she turned toward him, he jerked his head up and realized they had arrived.

Parker jogged the few steps to get in front of her, pulled the door open and allowed Madeline to once again precede him up the stairs. Walking along behind her was no imposition at all. He couldn’t control his body’s reaction to her, felt his balls tightening as they climbed the stairs.