Three’s a Cruise

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THREE’S A CRUISE packs a wallop of sensual fabulousness in every page. The opening scene when Haley and Jordan picked Nathan up in the dance club was erotically charged and I loved how the couple had such a tight bond that their communication was visual instead of verbal. Ms. Jameson did a good job balancing the amount of sex with a unique and fun storyline…–Delta, The Romance Reviews

Three’s a Cruise released May 27, 2013, with Total e-Bound.


When a dream vacation gets an unexpected bonus anything is possible…

Haley and Jordan are about to embark on their dream vacation, a cruise out of Miami, Florida. Arriving a night early, they head for a local bar where they meet the sexy Nathan and engage in an unexpected threesome.

Nathan has also arrived in Miami tonight by coincidence. He has to work tomorrow, but tonight he intends to let his luck at finding the two lovers drag him away from responsibilities.

After Nathan flees in the night, Haley and Jordan have no hope of ever seeing him again. But fate has a way…Reader Advisory: This book contains m/m scenes.


Haley lifted her arms in the air, shimmied to the beat, and let her eyes close partway. All she wanted right that minute was to relax and begin to enjoy their vacation.

One week. Seven nights and seven days out on the open water. No responsibilities. No work phone calls. Just endless stretches of deep blue water and white-capped waves. The idea was so luxurious, she smiled to herself.

“Hey, gorgeous. Mind if I join you?” The deep gravelly voice dragged Haley from her personal reverie. She opened her eyes wider to peek at the owner of the voice.

Dark brown eyes peered down at her from very close to her face. The owner of that delightful chocolate gaze was a tall man with wavy brown hair and suntanned skin. His mouth was lifted at one corner in a half smile and his eyebrows rose in question.

He was sex on a stick. Haley licked her lips and nodded. “Sure.” She squeezed a few inches to one side to make room for the muscular hunk and resumed her dance moves.

Haley knew she was fit and attractive. First of all, Jordan told her so daily, and second of all, this wasn’t the first time she’d been hit on in a bar. She didn’t mind, especially when the stud doing the hitting was as sexy as this guy.

When the fast-paced song ended, there was a pause in the music. Warm hands wrapped around Haley’s midriff from behind. She knew those hands. Jordan’s breath tickled her ear as he spoke. “I slip away for one minute and you find someone else.” His words were playful, teasing.

Jordan held his hand out to the stranger. “Jordan, and you are?”

Jordan squeezed Haley up close to himself, his arm resting right under her breasts. Damn him. He knew that drove her crazy. She heaved in several breaths while she watched the stranger take Jordan’s proffered hand reluctantly.

“Nathan. Sorry, dude. I didn’t realise she was with someone.”

“No apology necessary. She’s her own woman. Besides, I enjoy watching her dance. I’m gonna go get a beer.” Jordan nodded towards the bar. “Either of you want anything?”

Nathan stared Jordan down, his eyes narrowing while Haley bit her lip. Would the man take the bait? She and Jordan had engaged in threesomes several times in the past, but it wasn’t always easy to find a willing partner to join them. A delicately balanced conversation often ended in disaster.

Haley held her breath, thankful for the lull in the pounding music of the bar. She glanced to the stage and noticed that the band seemed to be switching out.

Finally, a slow smile spread across Nathan’s face. His eyes widened to a more normal size. “You want me to dance with your woman while you go buy me a beer?” He tested the water.

“That’d be perfect. Haley is insatiable. She can out dance anyone. I’d love the break.” The double meaning didn’t go unnoticed by Haley. Insatiable my ass. Did Nathan catch his insinuation too?

Without waiting for a response, Jordan leaned around Haley’s shoulder and kissed her briefly on the lips. As he sauntered away, he let one hand trail all the way down her arm until just their fingertips touched before he released her. He even winked.

A quick glance in the direction of the confused newcomer showed his gaze penetrating her. Nathan had not seen Jordan’s gesture.

As though on cue, music began to play once more. A slow song.

“For all you lovers out there tonight,” beamed through the microphone. A cringing squeak came from the speakers and then a soft melody began.

Nathan hesitated, but Haley didn’t let him slip away. She could practically taste him already. He stood so close, their bodies touched. His huge body warmed the space around her. She loved a large muscular frame…and so did Jordan. He smelled delicious, either his cologne or some spicy aftershave enticing her.

Haley ran both hands up his chest and settled her forearms on his shoulders. She pasted what she sincerely hoped was a seductive smile on her lips. “Are we going to dance, or just stand here?”

The man was a statue, still frozen and stunned. Finally, he gave a quick shake of his head as if to clear it and grinned down at her. “Who am I to question my good fortune?”