The Art of Kink

The Art of Kink is a series of BDSM books written in conjunction with author Paige Michaels. Each book centers around the characters associated with The Loft, a non-profit art studio. Paige and I have written a short prelude to the series called Wrap which can be read on either of our sites or downloaded for free from many venues.
Wrap-Paige_Michaels-Becca_Jameson-500x800 Pose-Paige_Michaels-Becca_Jameson-500x800 Paint-Paige_Michaels-Becca_Jameson-200x320
Wrap Pose Paint
Nude-Paige_Michaels-Becca_Jameson-200x320 Sculpt-Paige_Michaels-Becca_Jameson-200x320
Nude Sculpt