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Coffee Time Romance

There are as many levels to BDSM as there are people who live it, and in my opinion, Julian and Morgan are very deeply involved in the lifestyle. What they have and how they relate to each other is rather extreme, yet it is beautiful in its ferocity. Like any relationship though, it is a work in progress. I love their passion, dedication, and absolute devotion to each other, even when obstacles try to derail them.–Lototy, Coffee Time Romance & More

Ms. Jameson creates a wonderful world contained on one mountain. A fire in the Smokies is nothing compared to the heat in this beautiful love story. The sex is sizzling. The love is a living and breathing emotion. A light and beautiful read with enough spice to entertain. – See more at: http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/fireinthesmokiesbook2bybeccajameson.html#.UmRiVBDZgvl
Ms. Jameson creates a wonderful world contained on one mountain. A fire in the Smokies is nothing compared to the heat in this beautiful love story. The sex is sizzling. The love is a living and breathing emotion. A light and beautiful read with enough spice to entertain. – See more at: http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/fireinthesmokiesbook2bybeccajameson.html#.UmRiVBDZgvl
Pose releases March 5, 2015, with Hartwood Publishing.


Cracking the façade of their perfect life may be the only way to reclaim their love.

Ten years of being Julian Turner’s submissive and Morgan isn’t sure she’s any closer to understanding the man she fell for after graduation. They have built a picturesque life for themselves, Julian as an advertising executive and Morgan as the executive director for a non-profit arts education center called the Loft. Morgan is deeply proud of the woman she’s become. But even in their play, in the games of dominance and submission they explore, Morgan knows Julian is holding himself back.

Julian doesn’t want his beautiful submissive to be tainted by the darkness that lurks just beneath the surface. He’s spent years building himself into the Dom he’s certain Morgan wants, hiding his deepest desires in order to maintain their relationship. But when Morgan pushes him too far, asking for something he’s afraid to give, Julian’s carefully stacked house of cards begins to topple.

Torn between the safety of what they know and the desire to go deeper than they ever have, Julian and Morgan must reveal their long-held secrets and re-examine what it means to trust another person, body and soul.


Chapter One

Morgan could feel Julian’s protective gaze on her as she crossed the dimly lit room to the bar. Tiny Christmas lights twinkled along the edge of the room, showcasing the artwork that had been created in the space over the past few years. Morgan glanced at Julian as she reached the bar, and he winged one dark, questioning brow at her. His way of asking if she needed him. She shook her head and turned to signal the bartender, still feeling the heat of Julian’s gaze along the open back of her cocktail dress. There could be a thousand people in the room with her and she’d sense him. Ten years of training and she knew no matter what he was doing and who he was talking to, he was aware of her.

“It turned out beautifully, Morgan,” Barbara said, slipping into the spot next to her at the bar. The bartender placed a glass of white wine in front of Morgan without asking her order. Julian had already told him what she’d be drinking tonight. Of course.

“It did. Thank you for coming,” Morgan answered, turning to the older woman beside her.

Barbara smiled, her short white hair and thin face not hiding her youthful exuberance. The woman was rich and well-connected and one of the biggest arts supporters in Minneapolis. She also embraced life in a way few people in Morgan’s acquaintance ever had.

“You’re welcome. The Loft is a wonderful cause. I’m glad Julian introduced me to it.”

Morgan looked over at Julian who was talking to one of the Loft pottery instructors. Lucinda, a younger woman with wide eyes and a huge chest, leaning into Julian’s space and clinging to his every word. He caught Morgan’s gaze again, and a rare grin twitched at his full lips. He looked gorgeous tonight, black suit with a starchy white button-down peeking out beneath, contrasting with his dark skin. Broad muscled back and chest filling the suit to perfection, just as Julian filled every room with his presence.

Lucinda leaned forward again, her red hair brushing against Julian’s chest as she whispered something in his ear. Morgan looked down, the familiar flush creeping up her neck. She couldn’t be jealous. Shouldn’t be. That’s not what they were about. If ten years of being Julian’s submissive had taught her nothing else, it was that she had little say in what he did outside their bedroom.

Morgan turned back to Barbara. “I’m glad you were able to make it tonight. This benefit means so much to me. So much to all of us. We have a waiting list of kids whose arts programs have been cut by school boards and who are so hungry for what we offer.”

The Loft was Morgan’s pet project. Something she’d come up with after three years of being Julian’s full-time sub, when her days around the house without him had grown tiresome and too long. Julian encouraged her, knowing her photography had always been important to her. Knowing she cared deeply about young people having access to arts’ education.

And Julian had purchased the building for her. A large loft space with studios on two floors for photography, art, pottery, and dance. He’d funded most of the classes the first year, paying the staff’s salary from his own checkbook. Until he introduced Morgan to rich patrons who wanted to help.

Now when Morgan wasn’t at the Loft teaching photography, she was lunching with benefactors or applying for grants. Julian still provided almost thirty percent of the Loft’s operating funds, but the program had grown under Morgan’s care, and she was proud of what she’d accomplished.

“Is my girl talking you into another donation, Barbara?” His deep voice broke through Morgan’s thoughts, and his hand on her back forced her back to the present.

“She doesn’t need to, Julian. I’m incredibly impressed with what she’s done here over the past few years. My family’s foundation is happy to support the Loft,” Barbara said.

Morgan smiled wide. “Everyone here is so grateful. Thank you, Barbara.”

Morgan looked around at the young people she’d hired to pass around hors d’oeuvres, many of them students and alumni who’d taken classes at the Loft. Andrew, one of the drawing instructors, waved at Morgan as he took one of the mini-quiches from a tray. She nodded and smiled.

Julian’s hand pressed against the bare skin of Morgan’s lower spine as he maneuvered her back to the conversation with Barbara. “I’m very proud of her. Now if you’ll excuse us, I need to steal her from you for a minute.”

Barbara waved them away. “By all means. I’ll just get a drink.”

Julian smiled and steered Morgan into a dark corner in the main gallery of the Loft. She shivered as his thumb traced up and down her back, so possessive and sure. She glanced at him from the side, his dark face composed and fierce, so much like the first time she’d met him. She wanted to reach out and touch his hard jaw, smooth her hand down his cheek, but she wasn’t supposed to touch him without permission. He guided her in front of him, her back pressed against the wall. A large screen hid them from view of most of the people in the room, and the dim lighting provided coverage from those who could see around the screen. She kept her eyes down and waited for Julian to confirm they were unnoticed. His strong fingers tilted her chin up, and she inhaled deeply. She’d never get over the beauty of his dark face or the intensity of his almost black eyes.

“I’m proud of you, little girl. It’s going very well.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

His thumb drew across her bottom lip and she instinctually opened. He dipped his first two fingers into her mouth and she sucked hard. “Ah. My greedy girl.”

His eyes dropped to her tight black dress. It bordered on inappropriate for a benefit, but he’d picked it out and that was the end of the discussion.

“You look beautiful tonight, princess. The dress fits perfectly.”

She nodded, still sucking on his fingers, knowing he wasn’t looking for a response from her.

“The men here can’t take their eyes off of you. The women either, for that matter.”

Julian slid his fingers out of her mouth and stepped closer to her. Her nipples beaded, and his scent wrapped around her. She knew what was coming. This was his game, he played it often, and he was very, very good at it.

“I’ve chosen one for you, baby.” He stared at her and nodded, giving her permission to ask a question.

“Man or woman?”

“Man. Very young. He’s quite taken with you. You had him in your class a few years ago, and I think he’s been harboring a little bit of a crush.”

Morgan’s eyes widened, and she couldn’t help looking past Julian around the screen, gaze darting to all the wait staff. “No,” she whispered.

Julian gripped her chin. “Ah ah ah, my game, my rules, baby girl. Unless you’re using your safe word, the answer is always ‘yes, Sir.’ Now go over and convince our Luke to come home with you.”