Alyssa’s Wolves (Wolf Masters, Book 4)


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“I always love reading Becca Jameson’s bedroom scenes and how she makes her heroes fall so completely in love with the female leads in her stories.”—Roni, Romance Book Scene

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“Very sweet read…All kinds of drama in this one but a wonderful story!”—Julie, Julie’s Book Review

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“Ms. Jameson has done a great job of creating two different and appealing male characters. This story is very difficult to put down, so I did not, and I enjoyed every word.”—Maura, Coffee Time Romance & More

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“The only fault I could find was I did not want the book to end. I hope Ms. Jameson has plans to have another Master Wolves book soon.”—Delanna, Night Owl Reviews: Top Pick

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Alyssa’s Wolves released April 8, 2013, with Liquid Silver Books.


After fleeing an arranged marriage in a polygamist society in Oklahoma, Alyssa Franklin wants nothing more than to enjoy her early twenties, take some classes at the local college, and learn about the world outside the confines of her childhood pack. Embraced by the loving Masters family in Oregon, Alyssa is beyond grateful for her good fortune. Nothing can upset her new life, except maybe the scent of her mate wafting toward her at a local rodeo…

Tyler Evans has been sent from Alyssa’s Oklahoma pack to ensure she is indeed mated to one of the Masters. Blindsided, he’s completely unprepared to realize Alyssa is his mate. In a rash, split-second decision, he flees her presence, not wishing to upset the perfect life his mate is living. Tortured with the need to be with Alyssa and unprepared for the inability to avoid the pull she has on him, he abandons his family in Oklahoma and treks to Oregon to claim his mate.

Michael Masters has been living in Spain for two years, knowing Alyssa is his mate and wishing to give her time to mature and experience life before claiming her. When he learns she believes another man is destined for her, he returns from abroad to claim his mate. Hoping she was mistaken, Michael treads lightly with his fingers crossed that fate has not deemed it necessary to share her.

When these three souls collide, tension rises. None of them are prepared for or interested in a ménage. However, fate has other plans. Can the three lovers, drawn to each other by a power they can’t deny, work together to become a unit? Or will outside forces, both local and distant, be able to tear them apart before they’ve even had a chance to consummate their mating?


Alyssa’s head whipped up. She glanced around, the voices of her friends suddenly muted beside her. She gripped the armrests on both sides of her, white knuckling them until her fingers hurt. Her gaze darted back and forth, but no one seemed to be looking her direction. Not many people had even taken their seats.

Her mate was here. There was no doubt about it. All three of her friends, the other Masters women as she fondly thought of them, had told her what it’d been like when they first caught the scent of their mates.

And they hadn’t lied. Sensory overload. She breathed in his scent as though he were right next to her. It blocked out all other smells. Her body warmed. Her hands shook. She needed to see him like she needed her next breath. The man she’d spend the rest of her life with was nearby. And he was lupine.

Where was he?

“Alyssa? Hon? You okay?” Kara had a grip on her arm, and Alyssa looked down at her friend. She’d not even realized she’d stood.

She couldn’t speak. Her mouth was dry, and her throat wouldn’t cooperate. Alyssa swallowed and licked her lips, her gaze still roaming the area. Without a word, she climbed over Kara and then a very pregnant Jessica and, in a panic now, rushed down the stairs leading up to their seats. The scent had vanished.

Alyssa darted back in the direction they’d entered the stands. No one. She scanned the growing crowd. Not a soul was paying any attention to her, and the smell of her mate grew fainter by the moment.

At the turnstile she looked out into the crowd and took a deep breath. The scent was gone. He was gone. Vanished like he’d never been there. Except Alyssa knew he’d been there. She wasn’t crazy.

Where did he go? Why? Didn’t he sense her as she’d sensed him? Is that why he split so fast?

She glanced down at herself. She was wearing her best westernwear—a sexy aqua top and low-rise jeans that hugged her to perfection. Her favorite outfit. Was there a chance her mate hadn’t liked what he’d seen?

Without even seeing his face, her body had responded to him as quick as lightning. The crotch of her tight jeans grew damper by the second, and an ache filled her belly as if her womb insisted she find the wolf destined for her right now and force him to see reason.

Alyssa flinched.

“Alyssa? Alyssa?” Lindsey’s voice filtered through the crowd, and Alyssa turned to find Lindsey pushing between bodies against the flow of traffic to get closer.

Defeated, Alyssa turned back toward the arena and caught up with Lindsey.

“What happened? You looked like you’d seen a ghost.” Lindsey was breathless. She gripped Alyssa’s arms.

“He was here.”

“Who?” Lindsey’s brows squished together.

“My mate.” Alyssa ducked her head. “He was here. And now he’s not.”

“Your mate? But…” Lindsey bent her knees to get into Alyssa’s line of vision. “Are you sure? I mean, could you have been mistaken?”

Alyssa shook her head. “Nope. It was him. Why would he flee? Do I look okay?” Alyssa stepped back, putting some space between herself and Lindsey as if the woman would need a better, closer look to affirm Alyssa’s level of appeal, as if Lindsey hadn’t already seen Alyssa for the last hour or so and couldn’t remember what she’d been wearing. “Do I have a giant smudge of makeup or…” She patted her hair.

“You look fantastic. Stop that.” Lindsey grabbed Alyssa by the wrist and pulled her back toward their seats.

On wobbly legs that had lost their ability to function normally, Alyssa followed or, rather, was dragged.

“What happened?” Kara stood to make room for them to pass.

“Alyssa thought she scented her mate.” Lindsey’s words sounded awkward. Strained.

“Your mate?” Jessica wrapped her arms around her middle and frowned.

Why was this concept so difficult for anyone to grasp? All three of these women had met their own mates, six in total, in a similar fashion. What was the surprise?

“Are you sure?” Kara asked.

Alyssa cleared her throat. “Of course I’m sure. What’s the matter with you guys?” She stared into the face of each woman. Something was definitely amiss. None of them smiled or offered congratulations. They didn’t actually even seem to believe her. Not one of them. That was just weird.

“Well … where is he?” Jessica asked finally.

“Gone.” Alyssa shook her head. “I don’t get it. One minute he was here and the next gone. Why would he do that? Do you think he didn’t notice me, feel me, smell me? Is that even possible?”

Kara coughed into her hand as though there were a frog in her throat before she nodded. “That could be it. Maybe.”

“Even if he didn’t scent me, where did he go? The rodeo hasn’t started yet.” Alyssa rubbed her arms with her hands. A chill crawled up her spine. “It’s as though he didn’t like what he saw, and he ran.” Tears threatened now. Don’t cry.

The last thing she wanted to do was start bawling like a baby. You are a cute—no, scratch that—grown woman. No man would hightail it to get away from you. Stop it right now.

But what other explanation did she have?