Laurie’s Wolves (Wolf Masters, Book 8)


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“The very popular and highly entertaining author Becca Jameson weaves a magical tale that lures the reader in with its powerful sensual pull between the characters as well as the underlying tension between them and the forces working against their mating causing havoc. The author has just the right touch for creating strong heroines, super sexy heroes and plenty of smoking hot love scenes that they practically singe the pages…Fans of this series will be amply satisfied with this installment while anxiously awaiting what’s next.”—Shannon, The Romance Studio

Laurie’s Wolves released November 5, 2015, with Hartwood Publishing.


When Laurie Hamilton agrees to ski lessons from the third born Masters son, she is more than aware the odds of him being her mate are great. She is equally aware another man will make them a threesome.

Zachary Masters is also not shocked as he approaches Laurie that gorgeous sunny morning at the ski lodge. Considering both of his older brothers mated with both of her older siblings, chances were tremendous.

Corbin Archers, however, is blindsided. A Native American shifter from the reservation, he didn’t see this claiming coming. When he inadvertently agrees to deliver a few supplies to the cabin where Laurie and Zach are stranded, he gets the shock of a lifetime.

None of the three of them are stunned by the strange developments in and around the mountains where they live. Unexplained spirit sightings create renewed unrest. And bigotry raises its head among both the Native American and Caucasian communities.

When Laurie becomes convinced her presence is the root cause of their problems, she takes matters into her own hands and leaves town. The trouble is—mates cannot separate. Their souls are fated to unite.

Nature makes Her statement—as She always does. What does She want? And when will She be satisfied?


Zach picked up his head and then hauled himself immediately to sitting. His gaze zoned past her, unseeing.

She went on alert, her ears perking up. He had to be communicating with someone, but whoever it was blocked her out of the chat. As did Zach.

Finally, he glanced down at her, and she would swear he rolled his eyes even in wolf form. It was cute. If wolves could smile, she did so.

“We’re going to have company.”

“Really? Who? Should we shift?”

“Yeah. We should put some clothes on for this.” He hung his head and plodded to the small bathroom, nosing the door shut when he entered.

She took that as a sign she should shift and put her clothes on while he undoubtedly did the same in the bathroom. Without hesitating, she resumed her human form, grabbed her clothes from the chair, and reluctantly stuffed herself back into them.

The tight-fitting pants and turtleneck she’d borrowed from Melinda were damp, but not too wet. She didn’t bother with her bra and panties. Nevertheless, she would have rather stayed in wolf form.

Zach emerged from the bathroom in similar attire, except he hadn’t bothered to put a shirt on.

She licked her lips, unable to blink at the sight of his bare chest again. “You want to tell me who’s coming and how they’re getting here?”

“Corbin Archers. He’s Native American and a deputy on the reservation in Sojourn. He’s been moonlighting for us on the slopes. He was above the upper lodge when the snow started, so he skied to the lodge and has been helping ensure everyone gets safely down the mountain.” Zach lowered himself onto the love seat and reached out a hand to her.

She ambled his way and took a seat next to him, their bodies aligning and touching all down the one side. Immediately, she inhaled a sharp breath. It was taxing being in the same small space with him. Touching him was downright cruel. Every cell in her body jumped to attention. “Go on. You sound a little pissed.”

Zach set his elbows on his knees and lowered his face to the ground. “Not pissed. Just surprised.”

“About what?”

“My mom called Corbin, who volunteered to bring you a spare pair of skis and a few provisions.”

“Sounds…like…a…nice…guy.” What was she missing? “Oh.” Her spine went straight. Fate had her ways…

“Yeah. Oh.”

She reached out and threaded her fingers in his thick brown hair, something she’d wanted to do from the second she met him that morning. “Please tell me you like Corbin.” What a coincidence. A Native American man just happens to be bringing us some supplies. Why am I not shocked?

He tilted his face her way and smiled slowly. “Corbin’s a great guy. You’ll love him.”

“You, Zach. Do you like him?”

“I do.” He sat straighter, dislodging her grip on his hair. He wrapped both of his hands around hers and set his forehead against hers. “I’m just surprised. All this wondering. Waiting. I was picturing a stranger for some reason.”

“We can’t know for sure…” Though she had to admit, it was kind of destined. What were the chances Corbin wasn’t their third? Slim to none. “If this is our path, we’ll handle it.”

“We will.”

“At least it isn’t that Brock guy you don’t care for.” She grinned.

“True. I’m grateful for that. What are you? Glass-half-full girl?” He smiled back.

“Maybe…” A knock sounded at the door. Laurie jerked. “That was fast.”

Zach pulled himself to standing and took three strides to reach the door. The snow was coming down so hard outside, it was a wonder the snow-covered man on the tiny porch had been able to find them.

She stood and stepped closer, wiping her palms on her thighs. He was completely covered in gear. The only thing she could ascertain at first was his height. Tall. Almost as tall as Zach, and Zach seemed to be about six feet.

Corbin had already stabbed two pairs of skis into the ground next to Zach’s—his and the spare pair he brought her. He also wore a large backpack. Amazing how he’d managed all that without losing his balance in the storm. But she imagined anyone who lived and skied in the area all their life would have far more skills than she could ever hope for.

“Come in, Archers.” Zach stepped back.

Corbin shook an immense amount of snow off his body before stepping gingerly into the cabin.

She knew he was trying not to soak the place.

He tugged off his gloves, dropped them inside the door, and then pushed the door shut. His goggles came next, and then his face mask. When he lifted his head, he took a visible deep breath, opened his mouth to speak, and then stopped dead.

His eyes widened. He shut his lips, seeming to hold his breath. Slowly his eyes closed and his shoulders slumped. “Shit.”

“Yeah.” Zach reached for the straps of the backpack Corbin wore and slid it off his back.

Laurie’s chest pounded. She rubbed her hands together and glanced back and forth between the men. “Okay, now, this is getting a little disconcerting. I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy.”

Clearly, and not surprisingly, this man was her other mate. It would help if he behaved a little less than displeased.

Zach set the backpack on the floor, reached out a hand, and tugged her into his side. He kissed her forehead. “Sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.”

Corbin lifted his face. His lips were pursed. He blinked. “Fuck me.” For long moments, he stared at her.

She returned the gesture, taking in his nearly black hair, brown eyes that were the lightest shade she’d ever seen, and his perfectly chiseled, square face. He was clean shaven and equally as sexy as Zach in his own way.

And she was an ogre apparently. She held her breath, waiting for him to speak again.

“Corbin, this is Laurie.” Zach squeezed her around the shoulders. “Laurie Hamilton. She’s…”

“Melinda’s sister. I know.” He turned toward the door, breaking eye contact, and set his forehead against the wood a bit harder than necessary. “Did you know?”

“About you? No. But we suspected when Trace said you were bringing us supplies.”

Corbin turned back around and leaned against the door. “Trace failed to mention this detail.”

“I’m sure he did.”

He met her gaze again. He still hadn’t spoken to her or fully acknowledged the situation directly. “I was supposed to go on a date tonight,” he said to the room at large. “Veronica. I’ve been seeing her for about a month.”

She didn’t get the feeling he was speaking to her at all even though his gaze roamed up and down her frame. He was simply talking in order to work out this new crazy in his head.

“Sorry,” Zach mumbled. “I think you’re stuck on this mountain with us. And I think you might need to break things off with Veronica. ASAP. Is she a shifter?”


Zach groaned. “Always difficult. Bummer.”

Corbin closed his eyes again and dipped his head to the floor. He breathed deeply.

Laurie knew it was a shock. She couldn’t blame him. At least when she got up this morning, she’d known this was a possibility. Hell, Zach had too. Corbin was blindsided. Still… If he didn’t show some sign of humanity to her soon, she would stray from reasonable to hurt. It was fast approaching.

She watched as his chest rose and fell. He unzipped his jacket and dropped it to the floor on his gloves. He leaned down and unhooked his boots slowly, as though stalling for more time.

She wished she were inside his head, watching him process the inevitable.

As he tugged off first one boot and then the other, she marveled at the size of his muscular arms. He wore only a white thermal now, and his arms bulged as if the shirt were too small. Probably they didn’t make shirts large enough to accommodate his bulk. At least not sexy ones for skiing.

Continuing the silence, he unzipped his ski pants and shrugged them off too, leaving him in similar attire to both Zach and herself. His cock bulged behind the material of his tight thermal pants.

At least he was affected by her. Or was it just the mating?

Finally, he righted himself and met her gaze again. In the standoff of a lifetime, she waited. Considering the few words he’d shared so far, she figured the ball was totally in his court.

The clock ticked. As if shaking himself from a trance, Corbin literally shook his head to clear the cobwebs, smiled broadly, and glanced back and forth between the two of them. “I’m one lucky fucking bastard.” He lunged forward, grabbed Laurie’s hand, and pulled her from Zach’s arm into his embrace.

The first thing he did was inhale deeply with his face in her hair. “God, you smell fantastic. Like a drug.” He held her at arm’s length next, cupping her face with both hands. His eyes jumped back and forth between hers. “And you’re gorgeous. If it weren’t for having to share you with this asshole next to us,” he teased, “I’d say I just won the lottery.”

She finally exhaled. “You had me worried.”

“Never.” He angled his face and kissed her, not hesitating in his urgency. His tongue traced her lips for only an instant before she parted for him and let him inside.

The brief kisses she’d shared with Zach had not been as deep. Corbin consumed her. He tasted amazing—of the outdoors, the forest…home.

He slid one hand around to the base of her head and then down to splay on her back, holding her closer. His cock pressed into her belly. His fingers wove into her hair. “Gorgeous hair,” he muttered against her lips before kissing her more.

Two other hands landed on her hips from behind, reminding her they were not alone. She broke the kiss to lean her head back on the hard chest of Zach at her back, tipping her face to meet his gaze. “Shit.”

“Yeah.” Zach lifted his gaze to Corbin’s. “We waited for you, asshole,” he teased with a smirk. “And you freaking swoop in here and practically claim her right out of my embrace.”

Corbin chuckled, a deep penetrating sound that made her skin tingle all over her body. He licked his lips and kissed her again. “She tastes like heaven.”


They both glanced down at her.

“Could we maybe exchange a few pleasantries first? I mean, I’m clear on the pheromones in the room and all, but you could at least try to woo me before you fuck me unconscious.”