Rebecca’s Wolves (Wolf Masters, Book 6)


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“REBECCA’S WOLVES is the sexy continuation of author Becca Jameson’s Wolf Masters series. …I enjoyed the touches of Native American culture that came from the grandmother and Miles. Add in a mystery surrounding Rebecca, her workplace, the race she wants to run in, and then throw in a really big surprise at the end, and I was completely captivated.–Annetta Sweetko, Fresh Fictionffxmas268

Rebecca’s Wolves released May 7, 2015, with Hartwood Publishing.


Rebecca Larson is a busy woman. Between her nursing job and training for a Spartan Race, she doesn’t have time for a social life. A weekend hiking trip with her girlfriend is strictly for the purpose of getting the high-altitude workout under her belt.

Griffen Masters is not pleased his sister is bringing a friend on their annual siblings-only hike. And to make matters worse, the woman is human. She’ll never be able to keep up. However, the moment she arrives, his world tilts. She is his mate.

As if Griffen doesn’t have enough problems wooing his mate and trying to keep his hands to himself for the weekend, a mysterious force causes him to need medical attention at the peak of the mountain.

Miles Bartel is a long-time friend of Griffen and a vet. An added shock—Miles is also destined to mate with Rebecca. But the questions are piling up. What happened to Griffen in the first place? And how much light can Miles’ grandmother, a medicine woman, shed on the situation?

The mating is inevitable and urgent. Everything else will have to wait. But strange events occur nearly every day, keeping all three on their toes. And answers are not forthcoming. If something doesn’t give soon, frayed nerves will start to affect their relationship.


“You good?” A hand landed on her shoulder, making her flinch. She knew the touch by now. It was Griffen’s. Plus he was the only one of the brothers who had touched her. And he’d done so frequently.

“Yes.” She wanted to shrug him off, but instead she found herself tipping her chin into his fingers, practically nuzzling his hand. She barely managed to keep from setting her lips on his knuckles. His scent filled her nose, making her heart beat faster.

She gripped her legs together and turned onto her side as he cupped her cheek before slowly removing his hand.

It was dark. No one could have seen the gesture, but she was wide awake thinking about the implications. Hadn’t his touch been unnecessary and lingered too long?

She flopped onto her back and stared at the top of the tent, trying to breathe normally and willing herself to sleep. They had ten miles to hike tomorrow, first up to the summit and then back to the campsite. She would be dragging if she didn’t rest.

As the minutes ticked by, she heard the sounds of deep breathing that accompanied sleep throughout the tent.

Shit. Her bladder decided it needed release before she could relax. She finally gave up the fight to ignore it and eased the zipper down her sleeping bag as quietly as possible.

“Rebecca?” The whispered voice was Griffen’s.

She leaned in the direction of his head, seemingly strategically near her own to whisper back, “Bathroom.”

“I’ll go with you.”

Rebecca grabbed her flip-flops with one hand, wormed her way out of the sleeping bag, and carefully stepped over the bodies between her spot and the entrance to the tent. She felt Griffen behind her. His hand landed on her lower back as she bent to unzip the tent.

The touch was almost her undoing. She wore only a tank top and cotton shorts. The shirt had risen up so that his warm hand landed on her skin. There was a chill in the air, but she wasn’t sure she could blame the sudden goose bumps on the temperature.

For a moment, she froze, unwilling or unable to continue forward. It felt so damn good to be touched like that, his huge hand splaying across her lower back as though she was the most important person in his world. Cherished. Loved.

A deep need curled up in the pit of her stomach, a need she’d ignored for years.

As she unzipped the tent and finally made her way out on her knees, she wondered why on earth she had ignored her carnal needs for so long.

She’d had boyfriends—plenty of them—in high school and college. Some had been long term, others not so much. She’d been intimate with some of them. But in the last two years since she’d graduated and started working, she hadn’t had a serious relationship. She’d been busy building her career and training.

In fact, she didn’t usually let anyone get as close to her as Griffen had on several occasions today. And the weirdest part was her strong reaction.

That hadn’t happened in two years, either.


Griffen’s hand remained on her back as she exited the tent and stood.

“You didn’t have to get up,” she whispered, trying not to disturb or alert the others. “I would have been fine.”

He leaned into her until his lips touched her ear. “Not letting you wander around out here alone. It’s not safe, baby.”

Her eyebrows shot up. Baby? Holy shit.

Something deep inside her clenched. Her entire body came to life. Was it from his hand on her back, his lips on her ear, or the way he assigned the endearment to her?

A shiver went down her entire body as she fought the emotional overload. Her mouth was dry. Her pussy was not.

A slight pressure on her back made Rebecca slip on her flip-flops and move forward. It was almost too dark. She should have brought a flashlight, but the building that housed the restrooms and showers was well lit. All she had to do was aim in that direction and hope she didn’t trip over anything.

Now that they were outside the tent, she was cold. She should have grabbed her jacket but decided to keep going instead of turning back.

They said nothing as they made their way toward the lights. Rebecca’s tongue was stuck in her throat. The only thing she was aware of was the hand that had made its way up to the center of her back. It was still splayed, covering nearly all of her, but at least it was no longer on her bare skin. If it had been, her knees would have buckled and caused her to collapse.

“I’ll be right back,” she muttered as they reached the restroom.

Griffen grabbed her shirt and kept her from entering. “Hang on.”

She felt the tug of her tight tank top as it stretched over her bare breasts. Her nipples jumped to attention, as if they needed a reminder the man at her side was fucking sexy as hell and touching her.

Rebecca stopped moving forward, letting Griffen step past her and open the door to the ladies room. “Anyone in here?”

There was no response.

How unbelievably chivalrous.

And that wasn’t enough for Griffen. He went inside when there was no response, leaning into the room and dipping his head to ensure there were no feet under the stalls. “Okay,” he said as he backed out.

Rebecca was past words. Holy fuck. Overprotective much?

She stepped inside, almost reluctant to break contact with his touch.

If she wasn’t mistaken, he was in agreement. He let out a long exhale as the door shut behind her.


She peed, her body shaking the entire time, washed her hands, and reemerged to find Griffen leaning against the wall.

The man smiled, that coy half smile she’d seen several times—in between his brooding glares of disapproval.

“Thanks,” she murmured, slightly embarrassed. “You didn’t have to come with me. I would have been fine.”

“I know.” He didn’t move from the wall. Instead he reached for her hand and pulled her into him, nestling her body between his legs so her chest landed against his. One arm went around her waist and the other burrowed into her hair under her braids, pulling her close.

If she was uncertain about his intentions earlier, there was little doubt now. He buried his face in her hair and inhaled slowly. His body warmed her against the cold air.

Rebecca thought her heart might stop from the sharp spike of arousal taking over her body. Her knees felt weak. She didn’t need them anyway. Griffen held her tight enough to keep her from falling.

Her nipples rubbed against the front of her shirt, or perhaps his. In either case, they felt swollen and tight.

For a long time they stood there, neither speaking.

Finally, Griffen eased his hand up her back to her cheek. He pulled her head back with both hands and met her gaze.

His expression was serious. His eyes darted back and forth between hers from that proximity. A slow smile spread across his lips. “You feel it too, right?”

What? Aroused? Hell yes.

She swallowed and nodded subtly.

His eyes closed as he set his forehead against hers. “Complicated,” he muttered.

For him? Hell, it was beyond complicated for her. Way past complicated.

For one thing, she was busy building a life. For another thing, Griffen was Sharon’s brother—off limits. And the man was older than her.

Eight years.

Why was he still single? He was a god. All muscles and tanned skin and thick, sexy dark hair that hung across his forehead, begging a woman—any woman—to run her fingers through it. And those eyes. Jesus. A woman could get lost in the chocolate depths and never come up for air.

“Sharon…” she muttered. It seemed the most logical of excuses.

“She’ll get over it.” He shook his head as he met her gaze again, as though Sharon was the least of his worries.

He had bigger concerns than his sister’s wrath?

His gaze roamed her face and settled on her lips. Then his grip tightened on both sides of her head, and he closed the gap until his mouth met hers. The initial kiss was a whisper of a touch, a brush of soft flesh against flesh. But then he closed the space, angling his head in one direction so his mouth covered hers in desperation.

The same desperation she felt.

She lifted on tiptoes, grabbing his waist with both hands to steady herself.

When his tongue slipped inside her mouth, she moaned. Or maybe he did.

He tasted like nature, toothpaste, and Griffen.

She leaned farther into his body, as if that were possible, pressing her belly against his erection and her nipples against his chest.

She was inexplicably drawn to him like a magnet. Her hands eased their way under his T-shirt and around to his back. His skin was warm and smooth and firm. He was in at least as good a shape as herself.

Griffen’s hands trailed down from her face to her back, tugging her in tighter until they rested so low the tips of his fingers were inside her cotton shorts.

Heaven. She’d never felt anything like this with another man. Not one time in her life had she been kissed like this, scrambling her brain and making her forget the world.

Abruptly Griffen broke the kiss, a low groan escaping his lips. He set his head back against the wall and met her gaze. “Couldn’t help myself.”

She blinked at him, licking her lips, still tasting him everywhere. “Didn’t ask you to,” she responded.

He smiled, the biggest smile she’d seen from him yet.

Okay, so maybe all the brooding and grumbling all day was caused by him wanting to approach her. The man was attracted to her.

“We should get back,” she said. It was the last thing she wanted to do, but if one of the others woke up…

“We should.” He made no movement in that direction. Instead his eyes darted around her face, his hands easing up her back to tangle in her hair. “This isn’t finished.”

She shook her head. It was definitely not.

Without another word, he nodded, pressed off the wall, and took her hand to lead her back to their tent.

Rebecca’s legs were weak. Her heartbeat seemed so loud it was a wonder it didn’t wake other campers. His firm grip on her fingers made her wish they were still against the bathroom wall.

When they arrived at the tent, Griffen paused and pulled her in front of him. Gently, he cupped her face again and kissed her lips. Before things got carried away, he released her and bent to unzip the entrance.

Like the true gentleman he’d proven himself to be, he ushered her inside first and followed behind.

As Rebecca eased back into her sleeping bag, her mind raced. Not enough words. Not enough time together. Not enough of his soft lips, his hands roaming her back, his cock against her belly.

She flung an arm over her eyes and tried to catch her breath.

Fingers stroked hers as though communicating that although Griffen lay across the tent in another direction, he knew her plight. With a quick squeeze, he released her and turned away.

She wanted to cry at the loss.