Tessa’s Wolf (Wolf Masters, Book 5)


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Tessa’s Wolf released April 15, 2013, as part of an anthology. It is now available by itself as a short story with Hartwood Publishing.


Fate determines who a wolf-shifter’s mate is. Tessa just hopes she has enough time before she meets him to have her own life. She’s seen how it goes for her friends—each of them submitting to their mates and becoming subsumed in their new lives without ever looking back. That won’t be her.

Aaron Garrett is the new vet in town. New job. New home. New life. Although he wasn’t planning on meeting his mate, he’s ready to give in to fate the instant he scents her.

Unfortunately, Tessa’s determined to prove her will is stronger than the passion between them. To have her own life, she’s willing to fight Aaron, the heat between them, and fate itself.

But fate has a way of bending things to Her will…


Tessa leveled her gaze on Aaron’s. His deep blue eyes melted her resolve. If he hadn’t been holding her up, she’d have collapsed on the ground, her jelly legs unable to support her weight.

Instead, with no warning at all, either to herself or Aaron, Tessa leaned the short distance between them and kissed him. She couldn’t stop herself. She wanted to taste him more than she wanted her next breath.

Aaron let her take the lead. Bless him. Tessa kept the kiss safe and short, and then drew back a few inches to catch her breath. She gasped at her boldness and breathed as deeply as if she’d been on a run.

“I should go…inside,” she muttered. Tessa kept her gaze low, staring at the wide expanse of rock-hard chest between them.

“I’ll walk you to the door.” Taking her hand once more, Aaron led her back to the house without argument.

Damn. The man was growing on her. What had she been thinking kissing him like that? Maybe her girlfriends and cousins hadn’t actually been swept away by their mates, but perhaps it had been the other way around? God. The idea was reinforced by the fact she couldn’t get that brief kiss out of her mind. She wanted more. She wanted him to press against her again, harder this time, and claim her mouth more thoroughly with his own. Hell, moisture pooled between her legs, making her want to rub against his thigh.

If she could just get away from him as fast as possible, she could go to her room, lock the door, and rub the aching spot herself.

Tessa had demanded Aaron take things slow. Now she wanted to slap herself. Could he see she was sweating from need? Again, her face heated, and she hoped he didn’t notice. Thank goodness the evening breeze was cool against her skin.

When they reached the front steps, Aaron deliberately turned her around and settled her against one of the posts. He surrounded her by placing his hands on the railing on either side of her arms. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

Tessa nodded.

“I need to visit some clients in the morning, but I’ll pick you up afterward, say about two? And we can go into town. Dinner? Spend some time together.”

Tessa nodded again, tucking her top lip into her mouth to nestle between her teeth. She had to stop breathing his air unless she wanted to make a complete spectacle of herself. She prayed none of her brothers were paying any attention. They’d razz her mercilessly if they caught wind of this situation.

“Maybe tomorrow you can use a few more complete sentences?” he teased. And then he added another question without pausing. “May I kiss you again?”


This time Aaron controlled the kiss, angling his head and deepening the intensity until he licked the seam of her lips. Tessa shivered and opened her mouth to him. She gripped his biceps with both hands as he entered her mouth and explored. Her tongue danced with his, tasting the mixture of chocolate cake and coffee he’d eaten for dessert.

They remained locked together. She clutched him tight, and eventually she became aware of his hips pressing into her, his erection resting against her belly.

Part of her brain leaped to attention. A low moan escaped her lips. God—that was me. Her eyes flew wide, and she found Aaron looking at her with an intensity she’d never known. He broke the kiss, licked his lips, and smiled. “Sleep well. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Stuffing his hands in his pockets, the man sauntered toward his truck without looking back.