Wolf Gatherings

The Wolf Gatherings is a biennial event that takes place in rural Oklahoma where all the North American wolves come together to discuss wolf politics and hopefully find a mate. Although, some wolves aren’t as eager to mate as others… Each story follows a claiming as shifters from various families meet and find themselves unable to resist the call of mates.
Tarnished-Becca_Jameson-3126x5000-hires Dominated-Becca_Jameson-3126x5000-hires Completed-Becca_Jameson-3126x5000-hires
Tarnished Dominated Completed
Redeemed-Becca_Jameson-3126x5000-hires Abandoned_Becca_Jameson_3126x5000_hires Betrayed-Becca_Jameson-3126x5000-hires
Redeemed Abandoned Betrayed