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10/02 @BeccaJameson–Betrayed–Heather Peters is recovering from her recent kidnapping at the sprawling Spencer ranch in northwest Texas.

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I’m working on too many projects at once?! How is a girl supposed to keep track of all this? I’ll try to give a rundown of what’s coming up in the next few months: October 2–Betrayed releases with Hartwood Publishing. This is the 6th book in the Wolf Gathering series. It’s also the last book […]

Betrayed Available for Preorder!

Ah, Betrayed is now available on Amazon for preorder! It releases in just a few weeks on October 2! This sixth book in the Wolf Gatherings series brings everything from the first five books together. I’m excited to hear what all my fans think about the ending! And if you love this series and are […]

Coming Next: Wolf Gatherings: Betrayed

October is almost here! And Betrayed, the 6th book in the Wolf Gatherings series, releases on October 2. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside! Excerpt: Marcus watched her every expression. Heather Peters was gorgeous. He couldn’t stop panting at her feet. Her red hair was disheveled around her face, the curls falling in every […]

Perv is Climbing the Ranks!

Perv moved up on the bestseller list at ARe today from 40 to 28! I’m excited about how well this little book is doing and pumped up as I continue working on this series! Becca

Awesome Review for Three’s a Cruise

Thanks so much to The Romance Reviews for their awesome review of Three’s a Cruise! I appreciate the kind words. …THREE’S A CRUISE packs a wallop of sensual fabulousness in every page. The opening scene when Haley and Jordan picked Nathan up in the dance club was erotically charged and I loved how the couple […]

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