And…it was release day for me!

Grizzly_Promise-Becca_Jameson-500x800Excited to announce that Grizzly Promise (Arcadian Bears, Book 4) released today! Book 5 is in edits, and Book 6 went off to the publisher yesterday! Looking forward to the release of those two at the end of the year.





Grizzly Promise:

Being the fated mate of an incredibly sexy grizzly shifter could be a nightmare…or a dream come true.

When grizzly shifter Wyatt Arthur arrives in Calgary, Alberta, for a business trip, he finds himself blindsided by the shy, skittish woman he is certain will be his mate. In a peculiar turn of events, she already has a boyfriend—a man Wyatt is confident is not interested in women. With no other options, he returns home, hoping his mate will eventually come to her senses and give him a chance.

After suffering a traumatizing experience as a teenager, Paige doesn’t date. Ever. In fact, she keeps men at bay by pretending to be in a committed relationship with her human best friend, Gavin Wright. There’s just one problem. Gavin is gay.

Gavin has never been comfortable keeping Paige’s secret from her family, but they have an arrangement. She keeps his sexual preferences confidential, and he keeps her sexual assault from the world.

What Paige doesn’t factor into her life is the possibility that someone might one day cross her path who causes her to waver on her conviction never to bind to anyone, human or shifter.

In a twist of Fate—or perhaps Fate knows exactly what She’s doing—Paige finds herself moving to Wyatt’s hometown of Silvertip, Alberta, to do research for the summer.

Silvertip is not big enough to hide from anyone, and Paige will be forced to face her past and her future. Now she just needs to figure out how to reconcile the two and find the strength to let Wyatt into her heart.

Sleeper SEALs!

Thanks to Susan Stoker for creating this awesome graphic for the Sleeper SEALs series! It’s gorgeous! The first book released today. The rest of the series releases every two weeks until you have all 12! Protecting Dakota by Susan Stoker: Slow Ride by Becky McGraw: Michael’s Mercy by Dale Mayer: Saving Zola by Becca Jameson: Bachelor SEAL by Sharon Hamilton: […]

It’s official!

Royally Mine has hit the USA Today best-selling list at #47! It was so much fun working with so many amazing authors to compile this anthology! If you don’t have a copy yet, hurry and get one! Thanks to everyone who supported this project! Amazon

Grizzly Promise is Now Available for Pre-Order!

Book 4 in my Arcadian Bear series, Grizzly Promise is up for pre-order at Amazon! Loving this series. I’m currently in the middle of book 6. Expect to see books 5 and 6 before the end of the year! There are some surprises in the next two books. Blurb: When grizzly shifter Wyatt Arthur arrives […]

Grizzly Secret is Now Available for Pre-Order!

In keeping with my busy week of new releases…I have another book up for pre-order! Grizzly Secret is the 3rd book in the Arcadian Bear series. Here’s a blurb: Ignoring the urge to bind is one thing…but for grizzly shifters, denying Nature for more than a decade is unheard of. Grizzly shifter Joselyn Arthur has […]

Saving Zola (Sleeper SEALs, Book 4)

It’s a busy week here in my world! I’m excited to announce that Saving Zola is up for pre-order everywhere! Saving Zola is book 4 in the Sleeper SEALs series. This multi-author series features former U.S. Navy SEALs recruited by a new CIA counter-terror division to handle solo dark ops missions to combat terrorism on […]

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