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7-03! From Taliesin Publishing – Come!

But she has been through a lot. She needs time. And time is not on their side. The clock is ticking. Daniel needs to get to Seattle and join the rest of the forces gathering for a battle against evil.    

My cover flats are covered with Come! Wha??

I just saw my cover flats for Come! So excited. Just four more days until it releases, and it will be available in print in a few weeks also! And I’ve never even released an excerpt! What was I thinking? Attaching one here… Come It only took one second. Not even an entire second. A […]

Ah, the relief! And a little bit about me…

Yes, that special feeling I get when I wrap up a new manuscript and hit that send button–off it goes, drifting through cyberspace to my editor. Deep breaths. A nice dip in the pool is in order… I love that feeling. So, book four of the Emergence series is the latest accomplishment. Bound to be […]

What is Becca doing?

Hello! Yeah, I’m still alive… I’m naughty because I never post anything super interesting. That’s because I love love love to write and I never stop to “chat”! But, I should stop and take a breath and touch base. So, what am I working on? I have several projects in the works here. The most […]

7-03! Come – The Fight Club Book 1! Taliesin Publishing –

But Katy is testing his patience. She wants him, but he fears she won’t be as persistent when she finds out about his preferred lifestyle.

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