Teaser Week: Take Five

Force-Becca_Jameson-500x800A fifth tease from Force

Dmitry let his hands smooth up her waist until he stroked the undersides of her breasts. “You take my breath away. If this is what you call pale, I love it.”
She inhaled sharply. “Are you going to stand there and stare at me all night, teasing me into submission? Or are you going to take your clothes off and fuck me?”
“Is it what you want?” he asked, stroking higher until he flicked his thumbs over both nipples at once. Jesus, she was responsive. He knew he wasn’t playing fair, but goddamn he wanted her.
“Yes.” The word hissed out as he pinched both nipples at once. She rose onto her tiptoes and leaned into him.
“You’re sure?” he asked as he lowered his head and sucked one tight bud between his lips.
She squeaked. “Fuck…”
With a pop, he released the first nipple and lifted his gaze. “Are you always so responsive and loud?” He dipped his head to suck the other nipple into his mouth without waiting for a response.
Her body melted on a long moan. Before her legs collapsed, he hauled her closer and turned to ease her back onto the bed.

Teaser Week: Take Four

A forth tease from Force… “You’re exquisite. The sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.” He stepped closer, released one hand, and lifted his palm to cup her breast. Lauren gasped at the contact, but instead of stepping away from his touch, she arched into his hand. He groaned. “Why?” Her voice was so small, he almost […]

Teaser Week: Take Three

A third tease from Force… Finally, she spun. “I’m moving out.” Her hand shook, sloshing the water she hadn’t take even one sip of. Dmitry gasped. “Like hell you are.” She rolled her eyes this time. “Are you saying I’m a prisoner here?” “Of course not. But it’s not safe for you to be seen. […]

Teaser Week: Take Two

A second tease from my new release, Force, coming your way… He frowned. “Are you on the run from someone?” And then he held up a hand. “Never mind. That’s your business. As long as you don’t do anything illegal under my roof, I don’t care. Got it?” She nodded. “I’m just looking for a […]

Teaser Week: Take One!

I thought it would be fun to post a snippet from my new release, Force, each day for a week, just to tease everyone with my sexy Russian fighters… So here you go! Round one… Inked. Many of the patrons were local bikers with unbelievably elaborate tattoos—thus the name of the bar. It was crowded […]

New Release! The Underground: Force (Book 1) Available Now!

I’m excited about the release of book one of The Underground series: Force. This series is a spin-off of The Fight Club series and follows six Russian fighters as they fight in the underground venues of Chicago. Slightly seedier and slightly less legal fighting than in The Fight Club series, these six books have a […]

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