Release Day! Catching Lily

catchinglily300-1Catching Lily released today! This is the second book in the Spring Training series. And in honor of Valentine’s Day, it starts out with a Valentine wedding! Catching Lily is available everywhere now!




Excited about my release tomorrow!

The first book in my baseball series releases tomorrow! YAY! Catching Zia is available for preorder everywhere. But wait! There’s more! The other two books in the series are also available for preorder. Catching Lily and Catching Ava. Spring Training follows the lives of several major league baseball players as they deal with the fame […]

I rereleased two books this week!

Yep, I’m on a roll. Not only did I rerelease two books this week, but I did it myself! Check me out all learning to self-pub… I’m almost a grownup. Not quite. But I’m getting there. Amazon is up and running for both books. It might take a few days before you see them on […]

Welcome to Spring Training!

If you haven’t heard yet, I have a new series! Spring Training follows the lives of several major league baseball players as they deal with the fame and reality of life and love. This first book in the series, Catching Zia, features the second baseman and his desire to meet a woman who isn’t after him […]

Saving Sofia is Live!

I know many of you are curious to find out what character from The Underground is featured in Saving Sofia! The wait is over! Saving Sofia is now available from Kindle Worlds on Amazon! If you’re a fan of Susan Stoker’s SEALs, you don’t want to miss this mingling of her world with mine! Blurb: […]

Torque is Live Everywhere!

I’m so excited about the release of Torque, The Underground (book 6), which is now live everywhere! This final book in the series has some interesting twists and some surprises! I’ve already received such incredible feedback from so many fans who stayed up all night reading! I love you all so much! Thank you for […]

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