New Release! Amanda’s Wolves is Available

Amandas_Wolves-Becca_Jameson-500x800Release Day! Amanda’s Wolves, book 9 of the Wolf Masters series, is now available. The 10th and final book in this series, Sharon’s Wolves, will release April 7, 2016. I’ll post the blurb and excerpt for it soon. :)




Amanda’s Wolves Blurb:

Falling hard and fast for two wolf shifters is enough to push a human woman to the edge of sanity… Adding mysterious Native American spirits puts her entire belief system to the test.

Hoping to break free of the stifling religious constraints of her parents, Amanda Williams has fled her childhood home in Oklahoma to join her sister in Montana. Things are looking up. She even has a promising job interview using her degree in anthropology. Now she just needs to get out of the apartment more and meet people.

Sawyer Hamilton has reluctantly moved to Montana to take a job as a wildland firefighter. With the exception of one brother, his entire family lives in the area. Every one of his local sibling shares their mate with a member of another family, the Masters. He has put off meeting any of them for long enough. If his destiny lies with one of the two remaining unmated Masters, it’s time he faces his fate.

Logan Masters is working as a hiking guide for his family’s business. He’s aware Sawyer has moved to town, but has avoided meeting him. He doesn’t have to come face to face with Sawyer to know they will inevitably share the same mate. When his younger sister presses the issue, he is forced to accept his destiny. They are fated to spend their lives together, but who is the woman they will share?

Amanda has no idea what she has gotten herself into when she agrees to babysit for her sister’s friend. The unrest she has felt since moving to Montana increases tenfold when she meets the members of the Masters and Bartel-Hamilton families. She has dreamed of two men in her bed for weeks. When she steps in front of them and discovers they are indeed real, she is shocked speechless.

Finding themselves mated to a human female, Logan and Sawyer have mountains to climb. In addition to convincing Amanda of her place between them, they must also confront the latest spirit sightings and solve the challenging mysteries Fate has put in their path.

Foray into Submission…

I’m over at Samhain today blogging about submission and my writing! Pop on over and check out my post. The first book in my Emergence series, Bound to be Taken, is currently available for free everywhere. This sale only lasts for another week, so grab your copy before it’s too late!

Cover Reveal! The Prize, A Claiming Her Novel

I just got this hot new cover for The Prize, book three of my Claiming Her series. Love it! Maybe later today I’ll even have an approved blurb… Maybe…

Awesome Review of The Game!

Thanks so much Linda Estes for your awesome review of The Game! It’s been a wonderful release day! “This is the second in the series Claiming her and it is FANTASTIC!!!! All the characters are back and strong!! They work so well together… What a Beautiful story!!!! I would recommend it to everyone!!!”–Linda Estes, best […]

New Release: The Game!

The Game, book 2 in the Claiming Her series, released today everywhere. I’m excited about this series, my millionaire Doms. I should be wrapping up the third book, The Prize, and getting it off to the editor today also. It’s release is scheduled for March 8. I’ve had so much fun with these three guys […]

Are you ready for more wolves?

Yep. The 9th book in the Wolf Masters series, Amanda’s Wolves, releases in just four weeks on February 4, 2016! You can pre-order now from Amazon. Blurb: Falling hard and fast for two wolf shifters is enough to push a human woman to the edge of sanity… Adding mysterious Native American spirits puts her entire […]

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