Saving Sofia is Live!

savingsofia-1I know many of you are curious to find out what character from The Underground is featured in Saving Sofia! The wait is over! Saving Sofia is now available from Kindle Worlds on Amazon! If you’re a fan of Susan Stoker’s SEALs, you don’t want to miss this mingling of her world with mine!

Blurb: It’s been fifteen years since Sofia Leskov’s heart broke. Sure, she was only twenty, but she was an adult, fully capable of making her own decisions. She knew her heart, and Roman Stasevich had burrowed his way into it for good.

Roman Stasevich has spent the last decade living in Chicago on an undercover assignment with Interpol. He never forgot the girl he left behind, but his job was not conducive to maintaining a relationship then, and it still isn’t now. Besides, he’s too old for her.

When Roman returns to the town where they met—Norfolk, Virginia—his only thought is a much-needed vacation on the beach. But fate lands him right in the path of Sofia, and she’s amassed a pile of problems in recent years.

Their age gap hasn’t changed, and Roman makes that clear from the moment he steps back into her life. Sofia doesn’t give a flip about their age difference, however. If anything, Roman is sexier than ever.

Roman enlists the help of long-time friend John “Tex” Keegan to get Sofia out of a bind, but neither Roman nor Sofia can prevent their hearts from tangling in the process. Their days together are numbered. Roman can stretch his vacation out several weeks, but when he receives his next assignment, he must once again leave Sofia behind…

Torque is Live Everywhere!

I’m so excited about the release of Torque, The Underground (book 6), which is now live everywhere! This final book in the series has some interesting twists and some surprises! I’ve already received such incredible feedback from so many fans who stayed up all night reading! I love you all so much! Thank you for […]

The Fight Club Box Set Now Available!

Ooh, I’m loving the cover of this box set! You can now purchase all six books from The Fight Club in one set! And if you love these books, don’t forget that the first book, Force, in the spinoff series, The Underground is available for free for a limited time! The fifth book, Thrust, released […]

New Release: Thrust!

Release day! Thrust is now available through most venues! I’m excited about this fifth book in The Underground series! The sixth and final one will release next month–Torque! Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo Smashwords iBooks Blurb: Alena Dudko’s life has been upside down for a year and a half. First she was abducted and held […]

Thrust available for pre-order!

Thrust, book 5 of The Underground series, is now available for pre-order! It will go live on October 6! If you’ve been following my MMA fighters, there is only one more book left in this series, Torque, and it releases next month, November 3. There are a few mysteries I have held back for the […]

Cool New Addition…

Exciting little side note–the Wolf Masters series is now available in two box sets! Fun. Exciting. Books 1-5, my Oregon group of wolf menages, comprise Volume One. And books 6-10, my Montana group of wolf menages, comprise Volume Two. The Masters are a family of wolf shifters. Books 1-5 (Boxed Set Part One) center around […]

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