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Exciting little side note–the Wolf Masters series is now available in two box sets! Fun. Exciting. Books 1-5, my Oregon group of wolf menages, comprise Volume One. And books 6-10, my Montana group of wolf menages, comprise Volume Two.


The Masters are a family of wolf shifters. Books 1-5 (Boxed Set Part One) center around Richard and Nancy Masters and their dairy farm in Oregon. They raised one daughter, four sons, and one adopted son. As each of the males come of age and meet their mate, they discover that they must share her with another man. For the first son, this is a relief. He’s been sharing women with his best friend and adopted brother for as long as he can remember. The other three brothers are not quite so convinced, but Fate has Her way…

Books 6-10 (Boxed Set Part Two) center around Adam and Carlie Masters. They have four sons and a daughter. They live in Montana and own a ski resort. Under the assumption that their family will follow the same path as their Oregon cousins (books 1-5), each man expects to mate with another man and a woman. The remaining daughter assumes she is fated to mate with one man. But, again, Fate steps in as She sees fit…

Submit is Live and Available! Yay!

For all those waiting for book 4 of The Underground series, Submit, it is now live from most venues! Amazon Kobo Smashwords iBooks ARe Thanks to all my wonderful fans for supporting this series! Here’s my favorite review for today: “This series just gets better as you read along! I love reading these characters and […]

Submit Releases in Three Days!

Book 4 of The Underground series, Submit, releases in just three days! Thursday, August 4! If you’re a fan of this series, you can pre-order the book from Amazon before the release day for 1$ off the regular price! For those anxiously awaiting the rest of this series, books 5 and 6 will release at the beginning […]

Cover Reveal: Guard

Got my hot new covers for book 4 of The Underground series, Guard! Sexy as usual… Hehe. Thanks Hartwood Publishing for smokin’ hot covers! Guard will be available for pre-order soon! Here’s a blurb for Guard also: Nikolav Andropov has just joined his friends in Chicago after years of fighting in the underground MMA circuit […]

Release Day! Guard is Now Available!

Guard, book 3 of The Underground series, is now available from most venues. I’m super excited about this series. Working hard on the sixth and final book! It’s been a fun ride. I’ll miss my fighters terribly when I’m done. Amazon ARe iBooks Smashwords Kobo Click here for an excerpt. Blurb: Haley Sullivan has been […]

Guard is available for pre-sale!

Guard, Book 3 of The Underground series, is available for pre-sale from Amazon. It will sell for one dollar off the regular price up to the release date–July 7! Love the cover! Isn’t he mouthwatering?

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