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Bonus Material

“Oh. My. God.” Stella grabbed Gemma’s arm.

Gemma twisted her head around to look at her friend. “What?”

Stella wasn’t looking at Gemma though. Her gaze was focused through the wall of glass toward something on the back patio.

Gemma followed her line of sight, her breath hitching as soon as her gaze landed on the subject of Stella’s wide-eyed expression.

“Who. Is. That?” Stella asked, her voice husky.

“No idea,” Gemma responded, licking her lips. “My dad said he was interviewing someone today. Must be him.”

Stella stepped closer to the glass. “That man is sinful. Like a god.”

Gemma agreed, enough that she kind of wished Stella would shut up and look away. Or go home. Gemma wanted to ogle this fine man all by herself.

Lucky for her, he just might be working for her dad starting today, in which case she’d get to see his fine body in one of those fucking hot suits every single day. She didn’t think she’d blinked yet.

“Lucky bitch,” Stella grumbled, as if she’d read Gemma’s mind. She gave her friend a push. “What are you waiting for? Go out there and eavesdrop. Flirt. Figure out who he is and how long he’s staying.”

Gemma took a deep breath. “I can’t do that. My dad would fire him before he hired him if I caught his eye.” Salinardi Romano had made it abundantly clear that any man who so much as glanced at his nineteen-year-old daughter would be fired. And if she flirted with them…

Gemma shuddered. She’d only done that a few times. She’d felt bad for the poor guys afterward. She’d never seen any of them again.

“That man is so fine.” Stella fanned herself dramatically. “How old do you think he is? He’s at least thirty.”

“Too old for us…” Gemma could not argue with Stella on any of her assessments. She also needed to get closer and figure out if this fine specimen would be coming around more or not.

“I have an idea. Go ask your dad for money. He won’t find that suspicious.”

Gemma chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. Stella was right. Gemma was the queen at asking for money. Sometimes she did it just to see if he would flinch. Her father was usually so busy and distracted that he just opened his wallet and handed her a few twenties to get her off his back.

Gemma nodded. “Okay. I’ll go.”

Stella grabbed her arm. “Wait. Not wearing this.” She gasped as if she were appalled. “Come on.” She dragged Gemma out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. Her haven. The only place in the house she felt like she could breathe. The only place that had no cameras. She was confident. She’d checked a million times.

Stella rushed to Gemma’s closet and rummaged through the dozens of dresses. Finally, she held one up. “This one.”

Gemma hedged. “You think so? It’s not too much?”

“It’s just a simple sundress. Tell your dad we’re going to lunch or something.”

Gemma snagged the dress from her friend’s hand and tossed it on the bed. She shrugged out of her jean shorts and tank top before glancing down at her bra and panties.

“Ditch the bra,” Stella encouraged. She was bouncing and grinning from ear to ear. On her behalf, this was the most excitement they’d had all week. Maybe all month. “Show a bit of cleavage.”

Gemma removed her bra, but she groaned. “Be real. I don’t have much cleavage.” The bra was providing the majority of the boost. But as soon as she shrugged into the sundress, she knew Stella had been right. The top of the dress was smocked and fit tight around her. It held her breasts up and made them look tempting.

“Perfect. Now your hair.” Stella tugged her into the bathroom. “Take out the ponytail. You look like a teenager.”

Gemma tugged it out, but she was laughing. “I am a teenager.”

“Yeah, but so close to twenty. You don’t want that guy to think you’re a kid.”

Gemma quickly brushed out her long dark hair, touched up her mascara, and added lip gloss. “How do I look?”

“Perfect. Let’s go.”

As Gemma raced down the back stairs behind Stella, she felt like a teenager. She was certainly acting like a love-sick puppy. She didn’t even know who this guy was or what he was doing here. She prayed he was interviewing for the open job position her father had mentioned. But what if he was?

What if he got the job? No way could she openly flirt with him. Not ever. If she so much as glanced his direction, he would get fired.

Nope. She was going to have to pretend he wasn’t even there. She could do that. She was a great actress when it came to getting something from her dad, Salinardi Romano.

She took a deep breath, glanced at Stella, and opened the back door. As soon as she stepped onto the patio, the air changed. It was ridiculous, but she swore she heard the man’s breath hitch. Her mind was playing tricks on her of course.

“Hey, Dad.” She breezed toward him, only permitting herself a slight glance at the man in the expensive suit. Not more expensive than the one her dad wore, but still sharp. The man had money. Why did he need to work for her dad?

“Gemma, I’m in a meeting. Do you need something?” Her father barely glanced at her from his side of the small round iron table they sat at.

She came closer, set her elbows on the vacant chair between them, and leaned forward in the precise way she knew would push her breasts out. “Stella and I are going to lunch. Can I get some cash?”

Her father sighed, but he predictably pulled out his wallet. “Where are you two going?”

“Just to the Italian place you’ve vetted a dozen times.” She tapped her fingers on the back of the seat, showing off her perfect manicure.

“You can’t go alone.”

“We’ll be fine.” They had this exact discussion about three times a week. At nineteen, Gemma had her driver’s license, but she’d been behind a wheel only a handful of times.

Salinardi lifted his gaze to her as he held out three twenties. He didn’t release them. “Take Julio.”

She cocked her head to the side. “I’m an adult, Dad. I don’t need an entourage everywhere I go.” She said that last part to make sure this new guy realized she was not a child.

“Do you want to go to lunch or not?”

She sighed dramatically. “Fine. We’ll take Julio.”

She was so very aware of the man across from her father. He smelled so damn good. His brown hair was perfectly styled. He had a four-day-old beard or one he intentionally groomed every day to look like that.

He was built. Not huge, but fit. The sexiest man her father had ever employed. And she hoped to God he was about to employ him.

“Come straight back,” her father insisted. He lifted his phone off the table and sent a quick text. She knew it would be to Julio. Julio was one of the few men he ever allowed to drive her around. Mostly because the man was older and married. He wasn’t a threat to Salinardi’s precious daughter.

Gemma carefully folded the twenties. She hated to leave, but she didn’t have any excuse to stay another second. “Thanks, Dad.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

As she walked away, she heard her father say, “Sorry about that, Damon. You’ll get used to the frequent interruptions. I’m afraid I overindulge my daughter.”

“No problem, sir.”

Oh God… His voice. It sent a shiver down her spine. When she reached the door, she looked back. Her father was facing the other direction, so she took the risk and stared at Damon for a few seconds.

He never turned his gaze away from Salinardi, but she knew he was watching her. He had one hand on his thigh, and he slowly curled his fingers under in a light fist.

Gemma couldn’t keep from smiling at the dark God. This was about to be the best summer ever. She fully intended to put herself in Damon’s presence as often as possible. She wouldn’t let her father catch her looking at him. She wouldn’t even speak to him if she could avoid it.

When she glanced at the pool, she smiled broader. Visions of tormenting Damon with skimpy bikinis gave her goosebumps. She’d likely never be able to actually have a conversation with him. Nor would she find herself alone with him. It wasn’t as if he could ask her out, kiss her, hold her, or any other normal behavior. Her father would lose his shit.

But a girl could dream, and Damon was about to become the focal point of every single masturbation session she had. Her nipples puckered at the thought of touching herself while fantasizing about him.

When he subtly reached between his legs and adjusted himself, her panties grew wet.

If only she led a normal life with a normal father. It wasn’t meant to be, but at least she had eye candy now. The most amazing eye candy ever.

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